ASG Storm 360 At Airsoft Atlanta


Airsoft Atlanta ASG Storm 360

The reuseable airsoft grenade from ASG, the Storm 360, has arrived at Airsoft Atlanta... "The ASG 360 Storm Airsoft Grenade - Black. A totally reusable airsoft BB grenade that explodes BBs. Holds up to 160 rounds that is easily reloaded with any common BB speedloader (not included). Fill valve uses standard green gas refills for its gas.  Grenade explodes low velocity BBs up to 30 feet in all directions upon hard impact.

No complex parts to lose or reassemble - except the grenade pin. Includes 1 pin, replacement seals (if ever needed), and 1 grenade. To operate, press top button down with finger or pin, insert pin sideways, load with can of green gas, then use speedloader (pistol or M4 XL style) to insert up to 165 BBs.

Extremely easy to use.  Be sure to wear full seal safety eyewear when loading and using the grenade."

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