Airsoft "Grenade Launcher Only" Gameplay


Airsoft Alfonse: Airsoft "Grenade Launcher Only" Gameplay

Airsoft Alfonse goes into a game armed only with a launcher. How many can he "take out" during this game? Watch the game play video... "Airsoft gameplay at my local field using my ARES M320 Grenade Launcher!

Disclaimer-  All Players on the opposing team that I fired direct impact on were experienced players & good friends of mine that gave me consent before the match to hit them at close range!

Make sure to be safe & check with your local fields rules ect before using!

Shells Im using - TAGinn Shell EVO PRO CO2 Launching Device.


  • TAG Innovations 'Reaper' Projectile -- 3.5s
  • TAG Innovations 'Archangel' Mk2 Projectile
  • Airsoft Innovations 40Mike Airsoft 40mm Grenade

All Shells, Rounds, Launcher ect were / can be purchased from   Airsoftjunkiez website or picked up and a TCA event for discounted bulk rates

Field Im playing at - Hell survivors, Pinckney michigan"

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