Is The Arcturus AK-12 AEG The Best AK-12?


That's the question that Cisco will try to answer when he reviews the Arcturus AK12 AEG that is available from Airsoft GI... "If you haven't heard, Arcturus is the new kid state side and they are quickly making a name for themselves! With high quality internals and externals in all of their guns, they didn't make any exceptions when making the AK12! Cisco shows us all of the details!"

Secutor Arms Gladius Magna Coming Soon


SKW Airsoft announce an upcoming airsoft pistol from Secutor Arms, the Gladius Magna... "Gladius reinvents itself and launches its high-end replica called MAGNA, a pistol made in Taiwan by LEAD CHIH (the company responsible for other Secutor models such as Rudis, Ludus or Bellum) and in collaboration with, Maple Leaf, the prestigious brand of hop-ups, which make MAGNA an incredible evolution of the Gladius series."

Action Army AAP-01 With Drum Magazine


The Airsoft CamMan got some good video with the Action Army AAP-01 and it looks an effective sidearm for CQB with a gas drum magazine... "This week I’m using a brand new Gas Blow Back Airsoft pistol that’s just come onto the market. The Action Army Company AAP-01 has semi automatic and crazy full auto functions.

How To Remove The KWA PTS EPS Stock


Another special request from a viewer for Pheas Airsoft so watch him demonstrate how to remove the KWA PTS Syndicate EPS Stock... "Following a quick request, here is a very short video on how to remove the EPS stock from a KWA airsoft aeg. This will also work for general airsoft AR variants of stocks."

Blasters Mania: XYL ARP9 Gel Blaster


An ARP9 Gel Blaster is available but it is not a G&G product but rather a brand called XYL. Blasters Mania does an unboxing and review of this compact Gel Blaster... "The model that been waiting for finally arrived. Indeed it worth the waiting. Equipped with mosfet, good quality body build up and nice fps it make it all worthy. Suitable for CQB game and solid nice design."

LCT Airsoft 2021 Calendar Contest


LCT Airsoft are readying to put 2020 behind (who doesn't?) and want you to give your creative best and submit a photo to them for possible inclusion in their 2021 Calendar. Just follow the rules as shown below though you might be disappointed that there are no prizes to the owners of winning submissions, perhaps bragging rights of being included in the calendar.

Naglev Unico Combat Waterproof


Needing a combat boots wth sports a new look? Check this Unico Combat Waterproof from Naglev... "UNICO COMBAT WATERPROOF is an outdoor multisport footwear designed for hiking activities and usable for daily life as well. It is a 2.0 sustainable project combining natural elements with technological indestructible materials.

Salty Old Gamer: GFIRE Modular Plate Carrier For Big Boys


The Salty Old Gamer checks out the GFIRE Modular Plate Carrier which can be used by players who need something to fit their bigger profiles... "This general purpose modular plate carrier has tons of PALS real estate for all your airsoft needs, from small scale skirmishes, to weekend long milsims. And this MOPC fits the big boys out there. Check it out."

Vince Of Airsoft GI Passes Away


Sad news from Airsoft GI as they lost a member. They posted on Facebook that Vince, who has helped a lot of airsoft customers have passed away. Our condolences to the family of Vince and to the management and staff of Airsoft GI... "With a very heavy heart, I hate to say that we lost a Airsoft GI Family Member yesterday.

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