Helikon-Tex Releases Tactical Clothing In Rhodesian Brushstroke Pattern


Helikon Rhodesian Brushstroke

It is rare nowadays to see new tactical clothing that are released in the Rhodesian Brushstroke Pattern. This pattern is up there with the U.S. Woodland, Tiger Stripe, and Flecktarn patterns as some of the classic camo patterns that tactical gear makers have widely made their gear and clothing on these patterns. Even with the more modern patterns such as the digital/pixelated patterns and the Multicam family, these classic patterns can still hold their own  
in the market.

Helikon-Tex recently released new clothing in the Rhodesian Brushstroke pattern. This pattern traces its roots to Rhodesia, a British colony that later became Zimbabwe. It was created as a result of a desire to develop a camouflage pattern inspired by the British Special Forces of World War II.

Helikon Rhodesian Brushstroke 02

The Rhodesian Brushstroke camouflage pattern was developed in the 1960s and quickly gained fame for its effectiveness in breaking up the outline of an object. The pattern consists of large, contrasting shapes in brown and green, which are designed to blend in with the African bush. The pattern was so effective that it was even considered for use by the US Marine Corps.

The pattern is a disruptive camouflage pattern, which means that it works by breaking up the outline of an object. This is achieved by using large, contrasting shapes that create a visual "noise" that makes it difficult for the eye to focus on a single object. The pattern also uses hues with high-intensity contrast or noticeable differences in chromaticity, which further helps to break up the outline of an object.

Prior to Rhodesia's Unilateral Declaration of Independence, enlisted personnel in the Rhodesian Army were issued with uniforms in khaki drill. However, the Rhodesian Brushstroke quickly replaced this uniform as the standard issue camouflage for Rhodesian forces. The pattern was so effective that it is still used by some military and security forces today.

Helikon-Tex says that its Rhodesian Camo clothing is a great choice for those who are looking for a unique and stylish camouflage pattern that is also effective in woodland environments.

Helikon Rhodesian Brushstroke 03

According to the company, the Rhodesian Camo clothing is perfect for a variety of activities, including survival, airsoft, and outdoor recreation. It is also a popular choice among collectors, as it is a unique and hard-to-find pattern.

For airsoft players who prefer the collecting the older patterns, they might want to consider these tactical clothing from Helikon-Tex in this pattern.

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