Going Trick-Or-Treating? Better Leave That Airsoft Gun At Home


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Halloween is the only day in which airsoft communities in areas where Halloween is observed band together and advise airsoft players who plan on going Trick-or-Treating to leave their airsoft guns at home. It is also time for us to recycle some of the best Halloween airsoft PSA videos to further emphasize how serious we are with the message.

There are many ways to enjoy Halloween, but bringing a replica gun as part of the overall costume is not one of them. Whether you are going to attend a party or knock on doors to grab some candies being handed out, bringing a replica gun won’t really help at enjoyment as you might have the police called on you when you get to alarm the whole neighborhood.

But don’t worry, there are 365 days in year and there are a lot of opportunities to hold that airsoft gun. If you want it to be part of a costume, then checkout some Cosplay events where replica guns are allowed, just check their guidelines on replica guns, including airsoft.

Still, the best way to use an airsoft gun is at an airsoft game or event where you can utilize it to the fullest. You can go rock and rolling without worrying about the police or alarming people. It’s what it is made for so make full use of your airsoft gun at the airsoft field.

Leave that airsoft gun on Halloween, for safety’s sake.

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