Gatorz Laser Defender Technology Protects The Eyes From The Dangers Of Lasers

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Gatorz Laser Defender Technology

In airsoft, we always emphasise that players put high priority in getting really high quality protective eyewear. Even if one spends big bucks on airsoft guns and upgrades, these will be useless if one is unable to play for eye injuries caused by neglecting quality eye protection.

Whilst we always think of dangers to eyes as those flying projectiles such as BBs as well as other objectives that may get into our eyes as we go through obstacles and bushes, another alarming concern is the danger that lasers can cause to the eyes. Depending on the power output lasers can cause damage to the cornea, lens, or retina. Green lasers pose even greater danger as compared to red lasers as they deliver light that is brighter to the eye and pilots have experienced being illuminated by green lasers causing temporary blindness during their landing approaches. Infrared light that is emitted that is also emitted by budget IR lights can also cause damage.

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It is something that airsoft players should be concerned with as we incorporate lasers as aiming devices and we are not sure of the quality and power of such lasers as they are mainly made in China where some devices may not meet safety standards. Given the chance of getting eye protection, we should always opt for the eyewear that offers both ballistic/impact and laser protection.

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Gatorz got three eyewear products released that use their Laser Defender Technology. Like polycarbonate lenses that block UV light from the sun, the Laser Defender Technology acts to protect the eyes from certain laser light wavelengths using a special light absorbing dye. These three products, the Specter, Magnum and Magnum IR Laser Defenders meet MILSPEC standards and ANSI 787 rating. These are scratch resistant, fog resistant and provide premium clarity.

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Specter Laser Defender


Gatorz Laser Defender Technology  05

Magnum IR Laser Defender


Gatorz Laser Defender 06

Magnum Laser Defender

Both the Specter and Magnum eyewear have three versions, the Laser Defender Daytime Lens, the Laser Defender Low Light Lens and Laser Defender Transition (Photochromic) Len. The transition version is not yet available at their stire whilst the Magnum IR Laser Defender is of course have added protection from IR.

Gatorz Laser Defender Technology 07

They are now available to order at Gatorz online store with pricing at US$285 for the Specter and Magnum. The Magnum IR is US$320.00. These are expensive all right, but compared to getting our eyes injured and perhaps blinded due to the nature of our sport/hobby, they  are good investments.

Learn more about the Laser Defender Technology at the Gatorz Blog.

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