Fixing Your A&K 5000-Round Box Magazine


For all of those who have ordered the AnK 5000 Rounds Box Magazine for M4/M16 replicas with electric winding and had problems with it, worry no more. That is, if you want to fix the problem of your connector falling off inside the box mag, rendering your remote switch pad useless. It is also such a big hassle manually winding the box, as the winding gear is stiff. Furthermore, you made a purchase of this box magazine since you want to have the convenience of electrical winding such a hefty magazine. You do not want to worry also about constantly changing magazines everytime you empty one, even a high cap, so you want a good fix.

Trigger-happy skirmishers can follow my DIY tips.

In my previous review, I've shown you how to fix the possibility of bbs entering the motor area and thus may just ruin your skirmish day. You also saw that the inside of the box magazine had been gutted carelessly, making the workmanship very clumsy.


But first of all, you will need the following:

  1. Switch/push button control which you can purchase at any DIY or electrical shop.
  2. Drill kit.
  3. Free time ;)

Now, you need to drill some holes in the area indicated in the picture below. You must make sure that you drill according to the size of your wires and your push button switch.


Next, solder the wires to the tags of the push button switch. Polarity does not matter here, so you do not need to worry about it.


Override/tap the socket port. This will not disable the remote switch socket so you have the choice to use the direct push button switch or the remote switch.


And here it is: connect the batteries, load bbs, insert magazine to your receiver, just push and fire away!!!! HOoooHAH!

If you do have questions or other work-arounds, please feel free to use the comments area.


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