SWAT Attack!


Editor's Note: This is serious for those who want to make good with their SWAT impressions! Dom has actually made one of the best SWAT tips in the airsoft world for your reading pleasure. If you need something solved­...just use this SWAT! gear.

New Caledonia Airsoft


The UCA (Caledonian Airsoft Union or its official name in French, Union Calédonienne d’Airsoft) is a young airsoft association born in 2006, in the Pacific island of New Caledonia, 22,000km away from France, just North East of Australia and nearer to Vanuatu.

The Doctor is In: Clarence Lai, the Airsoft Surgeon


Introduction from RedWolf Airsoft."Clarence Lai has become a most prominent figure in airsoft. His work as an airsoft gunsmith and with the IPSC has helped him to gain recognition and respect the world over.

Pulling a Fast One: DIY Magpuls


This is how I substitute a Magpul when it comes down to two or three magazines per pouch. Magpuls are great don’t get me wrong and the original product is not that expensive but a bunch of guys are using the homemade version on the field. And I never knew why until I’ve tried it.

Spend High, Less Worries Later


Always the perennial question: should I spend high when starting with Airsoft or should I be such a cheapskate that I can start at the bottom wrong and work my up from there?

Going Budget AEGs to Save

Master Chief

In this day and age where prices of everything have nowhere to go but up, it is becoming a challenge for airsoft enthusiasts to find the extra cash to finance their hobby, and for newbies to purchase their first gear to start playing.

Keeping your airsoft expenses down


Gloomy, frightening...that's what economists are talking about nowadays regarding the world economy.



Some of us doing it to save money because for some “mysterious” reason all the furniture, parts and gears is a bit expensive by the time the package arrives to our doorstep. Others are doing it because their current loadout is not perfect or not fully functional (sadly this happens quite often with so called replicas).

Glock 17 FACE-OFF: Army R17 vs Meister G17


GLOCKS would easily be one of the most preferred side arm of airsoft enthusiasts, as it is in the world of real steel where some of the most elite forces in the world are issued Glocks as primary or secondary weapon. I’d rather not delve into the real steel info as I want to start crackin’ on with the subject at hand.

Quick Tips in Taking Action Shots


Follow up on the previous story below. Panning - Freeze the action by "panning," i.e. move the camera in the direction as the moving subject. Panning produces images with the subject in sharp focus and the background blurred.

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