Boy Successfully Defends Home from Burglars with Airsoft

Gungho Cowboy

Now for something that we always talk about among airsoft players, can airsoft help defend our property? In some cases, yes, but we do not recommend you actually doing it since there might be burglars who are dangerously armed.

Softair Bid: Where airsofters meet, greet and trade


For the avid airsoft player, collecting guns and gear is always an enjoyable activity. You buy the latest AEG there, the latest combat gear here, and so on, and so on, until he/she finds out accumulated stuff over time.

Rapier 01 World Airsoft Challenge General Rules


Incoming communications from the Rapier Group. Engagement rules, environment, and equipment requirements.

Donate to Philippine Flood Victims

Gungho Cowboy

This is an non-airsoft posting, but we feel compelled to make this announcement. The Philippines got hit by a Typhoon "Ondoy" (International Code: Ketsana) with floods submerging 80% of Metro Manila, the capital, and affected much of the nearby provinces.

Popular Airsoft Magazine Volume 2 Issue 4: Old and New


We never grow young. That's what our mothers tell us when we reach adulthood. We have now gone past the recklessness and rebelliousness of youth. That's who we are now among the Operators of Popular Airsoft, wisdom tells us it is time to give the young their stage to shine.

Putting a premium on REALISM…


Real Sword gave the airsoft world a first look at what China’s People’s Liberation Army totes – the Type 97 (Chinese designation QBB-97), a light machine gun (LMG) with a bullpup configuration and adapted to fire 5.56x45mm NATO cartridge from M16-compatible magazines. The RS Type 97 and 97B AEG is an airsoft gun made as a replica of the Type 97 and 97B Chinese assault rifles.

Kami Wars: A CALL TO ARMS!!! (Well, sorta...)


Good news and of course some sombering call to action for the Filipino airsoft community as we prepare for our two events. In the light of proposed legislation in the Philippines with House Bill 6676 and Senate Bill 3375, we have had some discussions to make adjustments to the events for Rapier 01 and especially to Kami Wars. Thus, we issue this announcement to call on each and able-bodied Filipino airsoft player to stand up and be counted and make some productive actions to understand and oppose the bills through the proper channels. 

1 vs 100: What to do When Faced with a Zombie


(Note: Some said here may not be within your country's laws on FPS limits for airsoft guns). As much as we hate to admit it, “zombies” are staple topics in most airsoft-related conversations. Eavesdrop on any airsofters gabfest and you’re likely to hear players lamenting.

Everything is an 'assault weapon' if you stretch the definition far enough

Gungho Cowboy

Another of gun-ban advocates' sometimes "nuke `em all" approach to weapons regulation or outright ban. The problem here is, however well intentioned they are, they sometimes go beyond reason to in order to prove their point, or spread around their propaganda.

Popular Airsoft Facebook Account Now Up and Running with a Special Treat for you!


"Go and get a Facebook account, lots of airsoft players have their Facebook accounts!" some readers have advised us on this. We have shunned social networking sites previously as we always have a "wait and see" attitude. We even avoided the MySpace thing.

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