Get cracked-up with these videos to start your week right

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Optimus Prime told me to make a short introduction for these videos that he and Dom have found over the weekend. Indeed, these did crack me up as they're outright funny. Since we have been posting about the Magpul-Bushmaster-Remington ACR fiasco, then the first video would make matters light for you.

FBI grace the Shot Show 2010 (with arrest warrants)

Gungho Cowboy

The mainstream media (MSM) rarely gives much coverage of the Shot Shows, but this time they were there as the Shot Show 2010 was unfortunately highlighted by arrests of executives from the arms industry for violation of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act as

Getting more from the 2010 Shot Show

Gungho Cowboy

For those who have been unfortunate not to go the Shot Show 2010 in Las Vegas, Nevada due to time or cost constraints, you can always get more information while not being their physically.

Has Tokyo Marui left others stumped?


Tokyo Marui is exploiting its blowback and recoil engine technology to the fullest, releasing new models and not content on just relying on its AK and M4 lineup.

ACR Legal Skirmish starts with Robinson Arms suing Remington, Bushmaster, RRA, and Magpul

Gungho Cowboy

Dom has been suspicious on the developments of the Adaptive Combat Rifle (ACR) which is hoped to be presented to the admiring masses during the Shot Show 2010. This has been discussed between him and Optimus Prime as he is keenly monitoring the real steel side of things.



HEADS UP! We are now resuming preparations for Kami Wars: Conflict Begins and Rapier 01 World Airsoft Challenge.

Gun Ban In Effect in the Philippines

Gungho Cowboy

It's that time again when all the politicians in the Philippines start doing the song and dance routine, plus kissing babies and pumping hands. The campaign season for the 2010 National Elections is now heating up, from the President down to the local government positions.

Adaptive Combat Rifle Going to Market Finally?

Gungho Cowboy

I've been using this rifle as I go on fragging some hotshot players during COD MW2 multiplayer and the Rate of Fire and stability of this rifle in the game just make this rifle rocks.

Something fishy going on?

Gungho Cowboy

We have been getting some emails and reports about some issues with regards to the Society of American Women in Airsoft and Adventure.

Going Heavy Metal: A&K M60E4/Mk43Mod0 Video Review

Gungho Cowboy

Now we're back to regular programming, almost. We still have the holiday hangover so just hang tight until we get the rest of the operators back to duty.

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