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Feast Your Eyes on the ARES AMP-DSR-1

Submitted by OptimusPrime on Fri, 07/25/2008 - 06:29

This is slowly going around airsoft forums, this AMP-DSR-1 airsoft replica, is made by Ares, a new airsoft manufacturing company based in Hong Kong. The real steel info is... "The DSR 1 rifle is designed and manufactured by the German company AMP Technical Services. Currently (2008) it is marketed by DSR-precision GmbH as a specialized sniper rifle for police sharpshooters. This rifle evolved from the now disco­ntinued Erma SR-100 sniper rifle.

Official UAA Statement Regarding Airsoft Xtreme Magazine

Submitted by OptimusPrime on Wed, 07/23/2008 - 06:11

The AFAD Gun Show in the Philippines has just concluded and we were informed that the United Airsoft Alliance (UAA) has issued an official statement regarding theAirsoft Xtreme Magazine "Poster Fiasco". The statement confirms that they are filing cr­iminal charges against the publication for falsification of a private document and a civil suit for damages as the action...

War and Peace Show 2008 Photos and Mock Battle Video

Submitted by OptimusPrime on Mon, 07/21/2008 - 06:17

The War and Peace Show 2008 ended yesterday, and we were there to cover the event, take photos of almost everyone we can point our lens at, and seen all these magnificent military vehicles from the memorable wars in modern history, and of course watched in awe in some mock battles as provided by the organisers. So another very successful War and Peace show, which is now the "largest Military Vehicle Spectacular in the World."

Let's Connect at Network Airsoft

Submitted by OptimusPrime on Fri, 07/18/2008 - 21:06

Network Airsoft, the first social networking for Airsoft is already available and it's fast increasing in members. If you're already familiar with Myspace, Facebook, Friendster, then this is easy for you to use. We have created our own pro­file the­re and you can just add us if you want. We'll make some blog posts from time to time to give updates to the Network's members­.

So, You’re Buying Your First AEG…

Submitted by Brahma on Wed, 07/16/2008 - 19:40

ELECTRIC AIRSOFT GUNS or Automatic Electric Guns (AEGs) are the most popular weapons found in most airsoft skirmishes in the world today. AEGs are battery-operated, as the name implies, and rely on an electric motor (similar to those found in remote control cars) to drive a gearbox assembly with a pneumatic piston. These guns are capable of full automatic fire at rates comparable to those of real-steel automatic weapons. They are typically powered by rechargeable battery packs. 

Here it is.... Popular Airsoft Mag Volume 1 Issue 5 July 2008!

Submitted by OptimusPrime on Mon, 07/14/2008 - 15:47

We're PACKING HEAT and it has 333 PAGES!!! ---And we're already starting to sweat hard with a lot stories to write. This summer, there will be lots of events to cover as our writers have been flying to parts of the world to give you stories that really matter. Popular Airsoft  Magazine keeps on getting bigger and better each issue we release. This issue is file heavy as we made sure that you get those stories and their corresponding photos in high quality.


Best Airsoft Photos 2008 Winners

Submitted by OptimusPrime on Wed, 07/09/2008 - 14:56

As we are putting the finishing touches to the Popular Airsoft Magazine July 2008 issue, we would like to announce the winners of the Best Airsoft Photos 2008 which shall be the cover story for this issue. We have received submissions from many parts of the world, professionals and amateurs, young and not-so-young, and using whatever they had at their disposal when they took the photos as to be featured in the magazine, they do give us breath-taking photos.

Once You Go Black, You Never Go Back!

Submitted by Brahma on Mon, 07/07/2008 - 17:24

Most people identify a police operative, SWAT or SAF in particular, by the distinguishable all-black uniform. When we think CQB or CQC, we think black. But police operations do not have a monopoly in using black uniforms. Special Forces and Navy SEALS often use black, especially in clandestine missions. In most airsoft arenas, we see players donning the ever-popular SWAT get-up even in “jungle” terrains, and I have yet to see some members of Teams Zero and Atlas wear otherwise.

Interview: DeadRag Airsoft Radio

Submitted by OptimusPrime on Fri, 07/04/2008 - 06:12

DeadRag Airsoft Radio, with 11 episodes now under their belt and counting, is one of the two well-known airsoft radios online. Supported by Airsoft Extreme, DeadRag Airsoft Radio is managed and operated by Shawn Boswell and Jeff. And taking from their site..."DeadRag Airsoft Radio, brought to you by Airsoft Extreme, is your source for airsoft news, reviews, tactics, team coverage game and OP reviews.

Are You Up to the Enduro Challenge 2008?

Submitted by OptimusPrime on Wed, 07/02/2008 - 06:13

Nope. This ain't the usual off-road motorcycle sport. This is hardcore airsoft and if you're in the US Northeastern side, then prepare your team to face the Enduro Challenge 2008. Enduro Challenge 2008 (19 July 2008) intends to bring in some of the top teams in the Northeast in a competitive ­environment that will put to the test not only the physical and mental stamina of each team member but also his airsoft skills and experience.

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