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We Weren't At The Shot Show 2008 And Here's What We Missed

Well, the Shot Show 2008 in Las Vegas ended yesterday, and hopefully those who attended the event (we didn't), were able to post photos of interesting products. There were lots of interesting developments at the show,  and many manufacturers from the defense, law enforcement, and airsoft industries attended and had their own booths.

First Looks: King Arms 26” Free Float Heavy Barrel Sniper Rifle

I’ve always trusted King Arms when it comes to tactical gear and accessories. I’ve had different variants of their knee and elbow pads, slings, as well as their M4 type magazines. However I have never come across one of their AEGs before. Imagine the excitement I had when Popularairsoft told me that Mark from King Arms is sending a sample of their newest AEG for review and evaluation. The item was delivered to Sir Vince of the ACE Brigade Wildcats and he was as excited as I was when it arrived.

Heads Up! Umarex Gets Exclusive Worldwide HK License

This one got my attention, as posted by, that Umarex has acquired the exclusive worldwide license to the use of Heckler and Koch trademarks around. Umarex is the latest toy and hobby manufacturer to get a license from a real steel manufacturer after Cybergun, Action Sports Games and  Since both are german companies, I am not actually surprised that Umarex got the license, right Bruder?

Baby Isabella Update

This is a quick update on the efforts to help and condition of Baby Isabella. While ­she is still in the hospital until the family eventually settle the bills, there are some activities going on to help raise the funds for her release. The baby is in better c­ondition nowadays, but of course, she needs to go home. While she is still in the hospital, the bills are piling up, making it a vicious cycle for th­e parents who are in no condition to immediately pay for the bills.

WebSighting: Section 8 Of Slovenia

A very impressive airsoft team, the Slovenia-based Section 8 is a mil-sim oriented Airsoft group that has a very well-defined organisational rules and specialisation. They're actually patterned after the US Armys Special Forces and try to train along the lines of these units. Everything they do is with clear written rules, typical of any well-knit unit oriented towards military simulation.

RS Wiki: The Thompson "Tommy Gun" Submachine Gun

Another round for me for copying from Wikipedia. This time, this is about one of the famous classic guns that many of us are familiar with, especially these are much in use in Hollywood Movies that cover the Prohibition Era in the United States, or made infamous by Chicago gangs during that period. For me, I best remember the Tommy Gun in the movie The Untouchables starred in by Kevin Costner and Sean Connery (Directed by Brian de Palma in 1987).

Airsoft Community For Baby Isabella

Giovanni Mirabueno, a.k.a. "Charlie Tango," the founder of Unit Black Division in Hong Kong, has made an appeal to the Philippine airsoft community that jolted them into action. His brother's wife has given birth to a beautiful baby girl, Isabella Margarita Mirabueno, but unfortunately, she was born with multiple congenital anomalies. Isabella was born with a congenital heart disea­se, diagnosed as Tetralogy of fallot with PDA or TOF, her heart has a huge hole and her PDA,where unoxygenated blood pass through to get to her lungs is narrow.

Update On The Custom M4 Recoil Mechanism

We got many positive feedback and some apprehensions regarding the featured M4 Recoil mechanism which we posted a week ago. These have been communicated to XRL Workx, the owner of the technology, and so­me corrections or adjustments have been made in order to make the mechanism available to airsofters wherever in the world they are. The latest test reports have been very encouraging in terms of reliability and performance with Filipino airsoft players already lining up their door to have their M4s equipped with this latest cool feature.

WebSighting: Hostile Operations Team (H.O.T.)

Here I go again with my brazen and unshameful tactic of copying team sites. But my job's getting a little bit harder as some of the great team sites I have seen online are not written in the English language. No amount of Babel fish translation can help me out with proper translation and almost everything comes out gibberish. Though I get lucky here and there, sometimes.  I need help in translation in some sites, if there are any volunteers, please do give me a message here.

RS Wiki: The M1 Garand Rifle

These series will have content taken from Wikipedia, the largest online en­cyclopedia, as you are allowed to copy or modify the content as provided for in the GNU Free Documentation License. Thus, it also compiles related information provided at Wikipedia and be able to deposit these information here. In the second installment of the series, we are featuring the M1 Garand rifle.