Ehasa TSTOS23: A Unique Milsim Airsoft Event in Finland

Sakari Vyyryläinen

Ehasa TSTOS23

In the diverse terrains of Finland’s airsoft fields, an unprecedented experience has emerged - the Ehasa TSTOS23 event. This event is not just a game, but a comprehensive milsim (military simulation) airsoft experience that provides participants with an engaging and realistic military environment.

Ehasa, or the Eastern Helsinki Airsoft Association, is a notable name in the airsoft community, known for their well-designed scenarios, excellent game spirit, and professional organization. TSTOS23 is their latest and largest event, promising an unforgettable experience for international airsoft enthusiasts with English as the event's primary language.

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Event Overview

TSTOS23 is not a traditional airsoft event. It is a full-scale milsim that stretches over a vast and diverse area, encompassing a multitude of missions and scenarios. Each mission has been meticulously designed to offer various challenges and situations, putting players’ skills and strategy to the test.

A distinguishing feature of the TSTOS23 is the game area itself. Featuring a comprehensive road network, lakes, and areas that allow for the use of vehicles and boats as part of the game, it offers a level of realism rarely seen in airsoft events. Players face challenges to perform not only on land but also in navigating different terrains and water bodies, making the game even more dynamic and thrilling.

Player Experiences

Participants in TSTOS23 have shared overwhelmingly positive feedback. The event has been lauded for offering new challenges and experiences that go beyond traditional airsoft games. Particularly, the night-time missions, extensive scenarios, various game modes, and the use of vehicles and boats have been widely appreciated.

Ensuring player safety is a primary concern for Ehasa. They have prioritized safety in all event arrangements, thereby fostering a secure for all participants.

More Information

For further details about this extraordinary milsim event, visit the official event website at https://tstos23.ehasa.org/. Here, you will find information about the event, including the schedule, rules, and additional guidelines.

Also, be sure to check out Ehasa's own website, which contains a wealth of information about previous events and the organization itself: https://ehasa.org/.

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