CZ Unveils The CZ TS 2 Orange For Competitive Shooters


CZ TS 2 Orange Pistol

The best practical shooters in the world are now in Pattaya, Thailand for the 2022 IPSC Handgun World Shoot which is now ongoing until the 3rd of December 2022. CZ is a major sponsor of the World Shooting will be putting on display their new CZ TS 2 Orange competition pistol. The World Shoot 2017 Standard Division Champion, Eric Grauffel, a sponsored CZ shooter will be talking more about this handgun.

This pistol is also the world’s first blockchain-authenticated sport special for the IPSC. You may have heard about blockchain technology via the crypto currency and in this case, those who will purchase the pistol will have a Performance package which will provide proof of authenticity via NFT and more.

The CZ TS 2 Orange features a heavy bull barrel designed for increased accuracy and control especially for pressurized competitive shooting environments such as the IPSC Handgun World Shoot. It is available in 9mm Luger and .40 Smith & Wesson calibers and for shooters in the standard division; this is the pistol that they may want to look into.

According to the company, the barrel and slide are hand-fitted in order to achieve the tightest tolerances. The modified recoil spring rod eliminates lateral movement during shooting and extends the life of the rubber buffer as well as easier disassembly of the pistol for maintenance. For target acquisition,  the fiber optic front sight has a new screw system that mounts in longitudinal groove on top of the slide for easier replacement.

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The thumb rest is also new and it was designed with the input of the CZ shooting team and can be found on the left side of the frame. The magazine release’s height has been shortened by 2mm to prevent accidental release of the magazine and still allow for fast reload speeds.

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As to why orange is the colour the material used in grips, mag release, magwell and mag base plate are all made of orange anodized duralmin and it is the colour reserved for the highest quality of product from CZ.

The CZ TS 2 Orange will be on sale in January 2023. Press release below:

CZ introduces a new, blockchain-authenticated sport special for the IPSC

14. 11. 2022. CZ is proud to introduce the new CZ TS 2 ORANGE sport pistol, which is primarily designed for competing in the IPSC and is the world’s first sport firearm authenticated on blockchain. Its official release, and worldwide debut, will be at this year's IPSC Handgun World Shoot that will be held from 16 November to 3 December 2022 in Pattaya, Thailand. CZ is the official sponsor of the competition.

“We are very excited to make the first presentation of the brand-new sport special for use in the IPSC, the CZ TS 2 ORANGE pistol, at the 2022 IPSC Handgun World Shoot. This championship model was not only developed in close cooperation with the CZ Shooting Team, but represents the first sport firearm authenticated on blockchain. It follows the recent release of the limited edition, blockchain-authenticated CZ 75 Order of the White Lion,” said Jan Drahota, CEO of Colt CZ Group.

The CZ TS 2 ORANGE is an advanced sport shooter in every respect and a winning choice for all competitors, especially those who want to succeed in the most prestigious IPSC Standard division competitions. It’s also a high-level choice for use in other IPSC disciplines, as well as for hobby shooters who want to improve their shooting performance.

The key feature of the CZ TS 2 ORANGE, which is in line with current trends in practical sport shooting, is a new, heavy polished “bull” barrel, which comes with several advantages: higher accuracy, better control (even during very quick, repetitive shots) and a significantly longer service life.

Easy and reliable cocking has been enhanced by extra cocking serrations on the top front edge of its redesigned slide. A new screw attachment system for the front sight allows for quick and easy removal. The barrel-to-slide and slide-to-frame are hand-fitted to achieve the tightest tolerances, while maintaining extreme reliability with all types of cartridges. A modified recoil spring guide is more buffer-friendly and allows for easier disassembly of the pistol.

The CZ TS 2 ORANGE comes standard with a modified thumb rest, higher positioned ambidextrous manual safeties that can also be used as a thumb rest, and an adjustable rear sight. The height of the magazine release button has been shortened by 2 mm, compared to other models in the CZ TS 2 series, which improves grip comfort, while maintaining impressively fast reloading speeds.

The duralumin grips, adjustable magazine release button, magwell and magazine base plate are made from orange anodized duralumin. The orange color is reserved for customized sport pistols in the CZ range.

Each customer who purchases the CZ TS 2 ORANGE automatically receives the “Performance” package, via NFTs developed on BlockTrust’s Web3-as-a-service platform, which consists of an extended warranty, proof of authenticity, access to the member benefits platform, exclusive content and more. All that’s required is to register your CZ TS 2 ORANGE on the blockchain.

A more exclusive set of rewards, limited to only 100 members, is the “Elite” package. For a modest fee, customers get all benefits in the Performance package, plus a custom serial number, personalized laser etched wording on the firearm, live one-on-one online training session with Eric Grauffel (7 time IPSC world champion), the chance to win a two-day IPSC training course at the multi-functional indoor shooting range at the new EG-CZ Academy in France, and other value-added benefits. This exclusive package is the ultimate opportunity to take your shooting to the next level, and represents the beginning of a next generation membership program. We will inform you about the upcoming availability of this package.

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