Canada’s Raven Evolution Airsoft Company Introduces The Raven Elite Series


Raven Evolution Elite

As we always say, the more the merrier, and that goes also for airsoft. The more companies involved in airsoft, the more products to choose from. Some companies will go for the cheap and abundant to get market share while others will go for the high performance and rather more expensive offerings. For the case of Canadian Airsoft company Raven Evolution, it is about the latter with the announcement of the Raven Elite Series.

The Raven Elite Type Zero is Raven Evolution's first product offering from Canada! The Raven Elite is designed in Canada and offers many great features such as uniquely designed light weight skeletonized metal body, programmable electronic trigger system, neodymium high torque motor, ambidextrous controls and many other features that make the gun more user-friendly. According to the Design Team of Raven Evolution, a lot of time was spent into research and development to create a high performance product that has outstanding fit and finish.

Raven Evolution Elite 02

The Raven Design Team further explains that the Raven Elite took them over a year to design and develop and they collaborated with many manufacturers overseas to incorporate their expertise into their products. The Raven Elite is their top of the line product and they will be introducing other product lines such as the Raven Ore (which are full metal rifles with MOSFET tailored to intermediate players), Raven Neo (which are polymer body rifles with MOSFET tailored to beginners) and finally the Raven Bolt (mainly spring bolt action sniper rifles).

Checking their website to what are the selling points of the Raven Elite apart from having metal bodies, here they are:

Electronic Trigger Control System (E.T.C.S.) – this does not take much explanation as major airsoft manufacturers are incorporating their Electronic Trigger Control Units into their mid-range and high-end offerings. The ETCS allows the airsoft players to program shooting modes as well as experience fast and crisp trigger response.

Levin Pro Gearbox – In the Levin Pro Gearbox comes with the E.T.C.S. which has burst fire programming capability, trigger sensitivity adjustment and binary trigger settings. The precise cycling of the gearbox is controlled by optical sensors to avoid skipping and ensure consistent power delivery to each shot. The gears are made of CNC machined hardened steel for reliability.

Quick Spring Change – Nowadays, having this feature in AEGs is already standard and no self-respecting airsoft company would be caught not having this feature in their AEG offerings.

Featherlight Structure – The Rave Evolution design team understands the weight of the equipment can greatly affect the efficiency of the user. Thus, the Raven Elite line of products has a featherlight structure which reduces the overall weight of our rifles while maintaining structural integrity. The venting port at the rear section of the body provides additional airflow to the gearbox and aids heat dissipation.

Raven Evolution Elite 03

The Raven Elite comes in two models and two color choices.  The Carbine and CQB in black or DE two tone.  Inside of the gun, you will find the Levin Pro V2 gearbox with 8mm ball bearings, quick spring change, programmable MOSFET and hardened steel gears.  Upgrading the Raven Elite can be easily done by using standard V2 internals.

Here are two videos from B.A.C. Airsoft as they review the Raven Elite Type Zero:

Interested resellers can contact Raven Evolution via their website or their Facebook Page. If we can get a review unit next year to give it a go on how it performs and if it meets the requirements of the most demanding airsoft players we’ll keep you posted.

More photos of the Raven Evolution Elite series can be found on the Popular Airsoft Facebook Page.

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