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Bullet, The World’s Smallest Flashlight, Got Even Smaller With Bullet 02

Slughaus Bullet 02

The makers of Bullet, the World’s Smallest LED Flashlight that was introduced last year, are back again on Kickstarter to raise funds for the second version, Bullet 02. They promise it to be lighter, smaller and virtually indestructible. What’s more? It is inspired by the 40 S&W round.

You might wonder why the need for a teenie-weenie flashlight when you can use your smartphone’s flashlight app to be able to see in the dark or you may already have an EDC flashlight for those who are always ready. Who knows? You may never know that you will need a backup flashlight in case you want to conserve your phone’s battery or your flashlight is low on battery juice. Apart from that, it’s cute as hell and small enough that you can just carry it with you attached to your keychain all the time. Or just attach it anything you carry with you for the day, it’ll be there and ready when you need it.

According to its makers, Slughaus, it is the best, most resistant everyday carry tiny LED flashlight available. It is waterproof so no worrying about it not working under the rain and claimed to be indestructible that they had it run over by an SUV to show you that it is that durable. Its case is made of aerospace-grade aluminium and given a sleek anodized treatment.

With three LR41 Button Cell batteries as power source, it produces 20 lumens of light. The brightness may not be the same as your really bright 500-Lumen Surefire flashlight, but then you may not have the flashlight with you all the time whilst the Bullet 02 can be carried everywhere, anytime.

Just make sure to take it out of your bag and show it in the open when going through security checks such as airports. That will take lesser time for security to question you seeing it is a very cute flashlight rather than live ammo.

With 39 days to go, Bullet 02 has already raised over US$150,000 which is already more than US$10,000 funding goal they were targeting. For the minimum of US$10, you get a Bullet 02 flashlight and as you increase your funding pledge, you get more Bullet 02s, especially if you decide to gift your mates with this flashlight.

The Bullet 02 has an estimated delivery of November 2017.