Battlefield V Chapter 5 Brings You To The Pacific Theater


Battlefield V Chapter 5 Pacific Theater

EA and DICE dropped the Chapter 5 for Battlefield V at the end of October, and for those who have been missing the Pacific theatre since all these “World War” FPS games that have been recently released were much focused on the European theater, this is a big welcome development. Now, you get to wade through the sandy beaches in maps that brings you to Iwo Jima and Wake Island, two of the most brutal battles the U.S. and the Japanese Imperial Army ever fought on in World War II.

Both maps were also favourites in previous releases and for those who have played these maps, it will be something that they look forward to if they haven’t downloaded the new release yet.

EA describes what players should expect with this expansion pack:

In Chapter 5, you’ll wield classic WW2 firearms, katanas, and anything in between. Yes, you’ll be able to enjoy the distinctive eighth-round “ping” from an M1 Garand when the Chapter launches, along with three other main weapons.

The first of these is the Type 99 Arisaka. Available for the Recon class, this weapon is based on one of the strongest military bolt-action rifles ever manufactured. Medic class players will be able to deploy with the Type 100, a Japanese SMG, which will come in handy in close quarters thanks to its rate of fire and control. Finally, there’s the powerful M1919A6, a medium machine gun for the Support class. Use this belt-fed beauty to suppress enemies from medium to long distances and, as with all Battlefield V main weapons, unlock and choose the right Specializations to make it fit your playstyle.

As the Tides of War continue, Chapter 5 will bring the M3 Grease Gun, Nambu Type 2A, Type 97 LMG, and M1918 A2, too. Handed out as a Chapter Reward, the Jungle Carbine can be added to your arsenal, too – the same goes for the Type 94 and the Model 27 sidearms. Finally, Tides of War will expand the Assault class’s arsenal with an explosive gadget: the tank-busting Lunge Mine.

For the battle pickups, there are two: the first is the already mentioned “Katana” or the who many would call the Samurai sword which will be very useful as a melee weapon. The other one is the  M2 Flamethrower, good for taking out a group of enemy troops. Vehicles available to use is the widely produced M4 Sherman medium tank that you can pilot against the Type 97 tank with its 54mm gun. Amphibious tanks such as the LVT and the KaMi will make you move from land and sea as well as dinghies for water transport. Light vehicles are MB Jeep and the Type 95.

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In the air, two of the most iconic fighter planes in World War II, the Mitsubishi Zero and the Vought F4U Corsair will battle it out for aerial supremacy and they come with bomber variants to give the ground troops for some air support.

Elite characters will be Jack Culver who comes armed with a machine gun and an axe for melee weapon and Keisuke Nakamura who is a dead shot with the sidearm and even deadlier with his Hachiwari melee weapon.

Available now to play, players can buy Battlefield V Chapter 5 Pacific Theater via Origin for Windows PC, Xbox One, and Playstation 4.

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