Australia Defence Force Starts Ordering First Batch Of P320 XCarry Pro Pistols



In September 2022, the Australian Defence Force announced that they are making purchases of next generation weapons to start replacing what they are being issued to the Armed Forces. The Benelli M3A1 has been chosen as the platform for the Combat Shotgun System, while the SIG Sauer MCX in .300 Blackout calibre has been selected as the platform for the Personal Defence Weapon System. The Double-Edged Fighting Knife from Australian manufacturer ZU Bladeworx’s has been selected to be the basis for the new Hand-to-Hand Fighting System.

The Accuracy International AX-SR has been chosen as the platform for the Long Range Sniper Capability,  the Sniper Surveillance Capability has been selected to provide ADF snipers with a day and night capability, and the M107A1 rifle, manufactured by Barrett Firearms Manufacturing Incorporated, has been selected as the platform for the Anti-Material Sniper Capability.

Also adopted is the SIG Sauer P320 XCarry Pro as the new sidearm, replacing the well-known Browning Mk3 pistol. It will be enhanced with the addition of reflex sights and a white light illuminator. This makes Australia the latest US ally to adopt the SIG Sauer P320 platform for use in its military, apart from Canada.

(Photo source: Australian Defence Force)

The Australian Defence Force has placed an initial order for the SIG Sauer P320 XCarry Pro with Aquaterro, SIG Sauer’s partner in Australia as announced in a press release from the company. The order, worth over USD$20m (AUD$30m), comes after extensive engineering analysis, testing, and evaluation since the contract was awarded in October 2022. This will introduce the weapon system into service with the ADF and confirms Aquaterro as the largest participant supplier of weapon systems under LAND 159.

The new ADF Small Weapons System (SWS) includes the SIG P320 X-Carry Pro, SIG ROMEO2 Red Dot Sight, and SIG FOXTROT2 Weapon Light. This is part of the Australian Army’s upgrade of its lethality system through Project LAND 159. The project aims to procure next-generation weapon systems, ammunition, and training and support systems to maintain a capability advantage over potential adversaries beyond 2030.

All SIG P320s will undergo their final manufacturing process at Aquaterro’s new Laser Machining Centre in Southeast Melbourne. This includes customer-specific laser engraving, disassembly, reassembly, function checks, and packaging for delivery to the ADF via NIOA, the program managing contractor.

Graeme Bulte, the CEO and Founder of Aquaterro, was thrilled to manufacture these systems at SIG’s facilities. He said that the products passed the ADF program’s strict testing and evaluation, proving that they met the ADF’s exacting standards. Bulte also praised the joint effort of his team and SIG’s reliable support in delivering these weapons under budget and before the deadline.

The SIG Sauer MCX will augment the Enhanced F88 Austeyr rifle (EF88) 

As the partner of SIG Sauer, Aquaterro was also chosen to provide the new Personal Defence Weapon System (PDWS) for LAND 159, which includes the SIG MCX, ROMEO4T Optic, JULIET4 Magnifier, and SIG Suppressors. These products are currently undergoing testing and evaluation before a final purchasing decision is made.


All photos are from the Australian Defence Force.

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