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Atwater & Merced Police Seize Stolen Airsoft Goods

Atwater PD FB

Some good news for the airsoft businesses in California two days before Christmas day which should be a fitting gift to them and a warning to those thinking of stealing airsoft merchandize that they cannot escape the long arms of the law. Police teams from Atwater and Merced in Sacramento County teamed up and seized stolen airsoft, shooting sports, and training equipment worth US$60,000.00.

According to the Atwater Police, the items belong to American Airsoft, which is a Galt area company. The company reported the theft last December 12, 2018 in which they lost an estimated US$100,000.00 of merchandize and was being investigated by the Sacramento Sheriff’s Department.

The Merced Police were actually investigating an unrelated case when they stumbled into the stolen goods which they contacted the Atwater police. These were then photographed and returned to American Airsoft.

Below is the official statement from the Atwater Police Department on the case as takem from their Facebook Page:

As always, airsoft players are admonished to be on the lookout for stolen airsoft goods as it happens in many places. If anyone is selling airsoft items at “too good to be true” prices, they should always check the news and even Facebook groups discussing about stolen airsoft products. Sometimes the items stolen are described so that they can compare to those that are being peddled. If they match, then they better report it to the authorities or to the affected business so they can take over and proceed with the solution of the crime.


Top photo: Atware Police Department (Source: Atwater PD Facebook Page)