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All The Presentations At The IWA Outdoor Classics 2017 Airsoft Meetup

Airsoft Meetup IWA Outdoor Classics 2017 RedWolf Accepting Award

Well, not all were presentations as there was an awarding ceremony too. For those who missed or curious about the Airsoft Meetup at the IWA Outdoor Classics 2017, here are all the videos of the presentations and the awarding ceremony of the 7th Airsoft Players Choice Awards.

I’m pretty sure that you have seen on YouTube the videos taken by various airsoft magazine, blog, YouTube channel, and news website where these same companies have done their presentations at their booths. But at the Airsoft Meetup they usually elaborate more, without the distraction and in more intimate setting that they reveal information that are not usually said amidst the noise of a busy exhibit floor. Thus, for any serious airsoft company that wants what it wants to say spread out with clearer information and to a much larger audience outside of the IWA Outdoor Classics, then the Airsoft Meetup is the place to do it as they have most, if not all, the airsoft media in one room.

We thank the companies who have been supporting the Airsoft Meetup over the years such as RedWolf Airsoft, Airsoft Innovations, Gunfire, and the airsoft media who have decided to become partners to help out such as Without them, the Airsoft Meetup would not happen.

For this year, we get presentations from, RedWolf Airsoft, Gunfire, Airsoft Innovations, and DM Diffusion. A shorter list this year but was made up with the special moments in the awarding ceremony of the 7th Airsoft Players’ Choice Awards, where we to welcome new Hall of Famers, as well as the posthumous award to Mark Rasmussen, the heartfelt acceptance by Airsoft Action Magazine, and the beaming pride of the Laylax representatives in finally accepting their award in person.

Enjoy the weekend watching Airsoft Meetup videos below: