Airsoft Livecast To Be Attempted


We have gathered that the Airsoft Combat Enthusiast's Brigade (ACE Brigade) THE GATHERING 2008: RELOADED which we shall cover on the 15th of March 2008, will be attempting a live webcast of the event. As far as we are concerned, we have not heard of any livecast of any airsoft skirmish event, and this must be a first in the history of airsoft. If there had been one before this, please do inform us and we'll set the record straight. We have gotten in touch with Dryx, who is the web master and administrator of the ACE Brigade website to tell us a little bit more on their plans.

Dryx informed us that ACE Brigade will attempt to provide a livecast and will be using the T-Mobile mobile broadband service to broadcast the event from Longmoor Ministry of Defense Training Camp. The online video streaming service Stickam will be doing the actual broadcast and interested websites can embed the source code into their website if they want their visitors to view this airsoft event.


Dryx also cautions all readers that they should not expect much from the livecast, as it is experimental. ACE Brigade is hoping that the signal strength is good for them to properly stream the video to Stickam. We hope they succeed as this will bring airsoft events to a whole new level, another step in spreading the sport around the world. If signal fails, Popular Airsoft will be providing the photos in the upcoming April 2008 issue and also at the ACE Brigade website.

The ACE Brigade The Gathering: Reloaded 2008 will be on the 15th of March 2008 and this is an even of all Filipino airsoft teams based in the United Kingdom and their guests. Supported by Ambush Adventures, Fire Support, Tactical Options, Tactical Quartermaster, RSOV.com and Popular Airsoft, this an annual event for one of the largest airsoft groups in the UK. ACE Brigade is now comprised of 8 airsoft teams, with the latest addition of Team Predators from East Anglia.

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