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Airsoft GI’s Frank Chu To Head Classic Army's Global Sales

Classic Army USA Frank Chu

We all know by now that Classic Army and Airsoft GI have been working close together in the North American airsoft market. In recent times, the Hong Kong based airsoft company have been working hard to bring new products to the market as well as re-introducing old classics that have been updated with new internals, especially with the ECS. Some of the interesting ones are the Micro Gum, Nemesis Line, and soon to be released DT-4 “Double Trouble” Double Barreled AR-styke AEG.

Now Classic Army will be more aggressive in handling their global sales with the Classic Army USA spearheading this task. An already familiar face in the industry is coming on board to head. Frank Chu, known as the top tech guy at Airsoft GI, sent us an email that he will be heading the team. He brings with him over 20 years of airsoft hobby experience as well as 15 years involvement in the airsoft industry. His F Chu line of custom airsoft guns are some of the best made pieces available in the airsoft market.

Now, with his new role, he will be bringing his airsoft industry business experience in a more global scale. His team will be handling most of the sales of Classic Army with the exception of France, Taiwan, Japan, and Denmark. Thus, we will be seeing more of Frank at major trade fairs such as SHOT Show and IWA Outdoor Classics.

So, what can we expect from Classic Army this year? We’ll let Frank give us an insight on how the Classic Army Global Sales will be doing its tasks:

Since 2016 the release of the Classic Army Skirmish polymer based airsoft rifle, we sought to revamp our previous Sportline series to include the latest in airsoft internal technology with the addition of a MOSFET and exterior styling with a billet style receiver along with our own polymer based rail systems for some much-needed updates to our affordable airsoft rifle line.  The Skirmish line has been very popular for us due to its price point vs. features.  However,  we did not stop there in 2018 we decided to up the ante and decided to update our value-packed Skirmish line with even more features.  The ECS Skirmish series received both internal and external updates.  Internally we decided to move away from the MOSFETs and included Classic Army ECS digital programmable trigger.  The ECS unit is a digital trigger that allows users to select from 5 programming modes on the fly via input from the trigger.  We found the stability of the ECS triggers to be light years ahead of the previous MOSFET units.  The motor has been updated with our proline grade 23K motors.  External wise we have added our toolless motor grip, flat triggers, and ambidextrous charging handle.  We have also added a few configurations to the Skirmish line including ML10, ML12 ( M-Lok ),  and AR4 SBR.  New for 2019 we will be adding a polymer version of our 9mm AR the PX9.

Classic Army Nemesis Line of Electric airsoft rifles will replace our Proline series as the flagship series of Airsoft Rifles.  The Nemesis series will include upgraded gear boxes with our ECS Digital trigger system along with upgraded internals to handle the stresses of use.  The Nemesis rifles will feature aluminum cylinder heads, aluminum piston head with ball bearings, full metal teeth pistons, Ball bearing spring guides and steel CNC wire-cut gears.  We updated the old 31k motors to have increased torque for increased trigger response.  Nemesis rifles are full metal constructions and will include our BAS / BAS PDW stocks (depending on model).  We constructed the BAS stock to have plenty of battery capacity and ease of use.  The Nemesis X9 is the first airsoft gun to receive all of our Gen 2 updated to the Nemesis series.  Nemesis X9 is Classic Army's entry into the 9mm ar carbine segment of AEG which was again a big hit for us.  we will be expanding on the Nemesis X9 line with the X9 Raptor and X9 T-REX in early 2019. 

Lastly, Classic Army will be ready to release the Nemesis DT4 after almost a year of additional design and development.  The Nemesis DT4 will add a new dimension to the airsoft hobby.  DT4 is a double barrel M4 Carbine operated off a single set of fire controls and trigger.  What this is equal to two bbs flying down range side by side.  The Nemesis DT4 will offer the same updates that the rest of the Nemesis Gen 2 line will receive excluding the cylinder section which will be special to the DT4.  The gearbox will utilize two separate barrels, hop-ups, and magazines with one gearbox driving and firing the BB's.   Look for availability of DT4 in early Jan 2019.

As you can see we have been very busy here at Classic Army.  These are just a few of the changes Classic Army has been working on.  We look forward to working with each and every one of you to bring Classic Army products to our customers and fans.

It will be an exciting year in airsoft with Classic Army being more aggressive than even before with the addition of Frank Chu, serving a heads up to competitors that they are here to stay. Classic Army has some of the best received airsoft products over the years and was previously touted to be the next Tokyo Marui given the quality and performance of its products.

Will the company bring airsoft to greater heights? We sure hope so with their intention to out-innovate and outperform the competition. That also signals the others to be on their toes and try to out compete Classic Army. The signs are good and we will be looking forward to more innovation and better airsoft playing experience in 2019.