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Advisory: Popular Airsoft Website Checkup Weekend

Popular Airsoft Website Maintenance 05 Jan 2019

We are undergoing another scheduled maintenance this weekend as we prepare the Popular Airsoft website for the year. It’s an old website design, we admit, but it has served us well all these past years. We intend to do an upgrade soon as possible and we are reviewing some proposed website redesign.

The website will remain online so our readers will be able to view this weekend stories as well as other news and stories. There will be some instances the site will go offline but for most of the weekend it will be mainly up and  running.

We are also preparing for the bigger traffic when we post the finalists list for the 9th Airsoft Players’ Choice Awards when the Voting/Finals Period on the 7th of January. We know many of you are expecting this, so stay tuned. By Monday you will find out if your favourite made it to the finals.

Enjoy the weekend whilst we check under the bonnet.