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“Morale Patch” Got Trademarked & The Patch Community Wants It Cancelled

Mil-Spec Monkey Motale Patch Sheet

We have received word that Morale Patch Armory, an online shop for morale patches, has successfully trademarked “Morale Patch” as granted by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) last February 7, 2017.  The USPTO published the trademark application to find out if there was opposition to it last November 22, 2016 and since there were no objections, they granted the application of Morale Patch Armory.

It looked like that the communities that collect morale patches, such as the tactical and airsoft communities were asleep with this development and only moved into action with the posting of Morale Patch Amory at their blog. A group of people have decided to fight the trademark and have it cancelled by the USPTO. Calling the campaign "Morale Patch" Trademark Defense Fund, they have put up a Gofundme Page to raise US$10,000 for the legal work to be done. As of this writing, it has already breached the 10,000 dollar mark and still more people are contributing money:

Our community is under attack. The term "Morale Patch" was recently trademarked despite it being a common and generic term that our community has used for years and developed its identity around. We've reached our initial goals of $5,000 and $8,000, but keep going...who knows how much this thing is going to cost, but we're probably going to need a sizable war chest.

We've got engagement letters in hand to retain the legal services of Loza & Loza, a firm specializing in trademark law. We will be filing a motion of "cancellation" of the trademark. We're confident that with the amount of previous usage, this trademark will be successfully and swiftly cancelled.

The retainer is $2,000 and the cost per hour of the attorney is $350. Any leftover funds after the legal challenge will be donated or used towards a cause that benefits the patch community as a perhaps a charity, an event at Shot Show for all of us, or a special patch for the group of people who answered the call. One step at a time, and right now that step is to defend the community.

If you'd like to contribute to this cause, $5, $20, or even $1,000 (like Jason Wages aka Modern Arms) or whatever you can will be remembered as a hero and will be forever able to say that you stood up for what is decent and right in the face of tyranny. Now, go back to your Xerxes and tell him that he faces free men here.

-Violent Little

Morale Patch Armory posted a statement on Facebook on the issue on their Facebook Page. It is a long reply, denying that they have sent Cease and Desist Letters to companies or individuals, nor asked for licensing fees from those making morale patches. This paragraph summarizes it all:

We have NEVER asked for any sort of licensing fee so anything you see where people are sharing that is absolutely false. Like ALL other patch companies, they use the term “dealers” for people who resell their patches, for our exclusive designs that would be resold from other companies/designers, we require our designs to be ‘licensed’. But have no plan on requesting or collecting any “licensing fee” on morale patches that they have designed and are selling. So as direct from the source as can be, anything you see people saying or sharing about this is a falsehood and should be treated as such.

But it looks like the community is not convinced given the reactions to the statement (some of the negative comments were removed). Though we agree with the patch community that the “Morale Patch” should not have been trademarked in the first place since morale patches have been in existence for decades now and the term considered something to be in the public domain.

It is going to be a legal battle between Morale Patch Armory and the Patch community and we’ll monitor the progress of this. If you want to support the "Morale Patch" Trademark Defense Fund, you can go to the GoFundMe page and show your support by pledging funds in whatever amount you want.


Top Photo: Mil-Spec Monkey Patch Sheet