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VFC M4 RIS II/FSP Forging Series GBB

Vega Force Company (VFC) unveil their latest M4 gas blowback rifles, the VFC SOPMOD II RIS II/FSP Forging Series Gas Blowback Rifle Series... "The Forging Series - M4 SOPMOD II RIS II / RIS II FSP, the best M4 SOPMOD GBBR you can find! Colt and Daniel Defense license authorized marking for receiver and handguard. the machining SOPMOD M4 14.5" heavy barrel,parts, full CNC process realistic bolt carrier and fire control all made by STEEL!

Airsoftology: Mr. Vega's Secret Room

More on Airsoftology's visit to the Vega Force Company (VFC) HQ in Taiwan. Previously, Jonathan Higgs gave a tour of the factory as well as the new showroom that probably have been built with a Sci-fi movie in mind. Now, he takes you to Mr. Vega's Secret room where there is a collection of rare airsoft guns. Watch the video to find out what these are.

Airsoftology Video: VFC Factory Tour

You've seen the photos of the Vega Force Company's new showroom as posted by 0'20 Magazine Taiwan. Now we get to watch a video inside of it as well as the rest of the company's factory courtesy of Airsoftology. Jonathan Higgs gives us a factory tour in his trip to Taiwan that was made possible by Elite Force.

0'20 Magazine: VFC's New Showroom

0'20 Magazine Taiwan posted photos of the new showroom of Vega Force Company (VFC). At first glance, you might be thinking it must be the bridge of Star Trek Enterprise looking futuristic and laser blasters are what is lacking on the gun walls. Must see place if you will be in Taiwan for some airsoft tourism thingy.

Click here to see more photos.

BB2K Airsoft: VFC SCAR-H GBB Review

BB2K Airsoft got a SCAR-H Gas Blowback Rifle made by VFC to do a review on... "The SCAR-H from VFC/Cybergun as GBBR is just a dream airsoft replica. It comes with original markings in ingenious quality and accuracy. I'm also very enthusiastic about the crazy 'kick' and the sound. But see for yourself."

eHobby Asia: Hot Products & Super Sale

Dig this EAC Chainsaw Zombie Killer AEG? It's available right now at eHobby Asia together with some new arrivals from RA-Tech, Vega Force Company (VFC), EMG, Army Force, 5.11 Tactical, G&P, and Tokyo Arms. It's also 20% off 5.11 Tactical products as well as the new SPK Shop celebration where airsoft guns are at 10% off and accessories at 15% off. More below:

eHobby Asia New Products & Great Sale

Some new hot products have arrived at eHobby Asia, led by the new VFC Avalon Leopard Series. The other arrivals are from Marushin, Tokyo Arms, MadBull, KJ Works, Tokyo Marui, and Umarex. Also, don't forge the 5.11 Days Sale where they are taking 20% off on all gear. Other sale are 10% off guns and 15% off accessories as they celebrate the new SPK Shop. Follow the links below to learn more:

VFC H&K VP9 Grey & Tan At WGC Shop

WGC Shop posted product updates, announcing that the tan and grey versions of the Umarex/VFC H&K VP9 Gas Blowback Pistols are now in stock... "The VFC VP9 is authorized by Umarex, licensed from Heckler & Koch authorized.

eHobby: Hot Products & Special Discounts

More product news from eHobby Asia as they got a delivery of airsoft guns from RWA, VFC, Armorer Works, Tokyo Marui, Tokyo  Arms, and G&P. Also they got an accessory from Blackcat which is an adjustable mount ring. They are also offering 10% off airsoft guns and 15% off accessories as they celebrate the new SPK Shop.

VFC Avalon Leopard: Airsoft Thundercats

The mere mention of Thundercats always brings us back to their opening line, "Thundercats are on the move! Thundercats are loose!" Marck West reviews the VFC Avalon Leopard which has the frontend of its handguard shaped like a cat. For us, we call it Voltron, but for Marck, it's Thundercats. This AEG is available now at the RedWolf Airsoft online store and most probably be out of stock as there is a demand for this AEG.