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Simple Airsoft M4 Upgrades: Inner Barrel

The Brain Exploder starts his Simple Airsoft Upgrades with Part 1 being Inner Barrels... "Taking you through some simple upgrades that can greatly improve any gun and don't require a degree in mechanical engineering.

Ares Airsoft Amoeba Striker S1 Upgrade

We're seeing a pretty good number of videos on the Ares Airsoft Amoba Strike S1 Bolt Action Sniper Rifle. For those interested in upgrading it, Bespoke Airsoft shows you how to do it... "How to disassemble the gun to either replace or upgrade the barrel and hop up rubber."

Best CQB AEGs & Downgrade/Upgrades

In this video Tang of Jag Precision shows you some of the best CQB AEGs available in the market an options for you to upgrade or downgrade your airsoft gun to meet requirements for CQB games... "Today we'll be talking about CQB guns and what is best suited for up close engagements. We'll be showing some Echo1 guns as well as upgrades/downgrades to make your existing gun CQB field legal."

Go Airheads: Easy Upgrades Part 1

Posted earlier this month is a video from Go Airheads "Tech Tips" episode one where they talk about easy upgrades for your airsoft gun... "Delve into the world of learning how to upgrade your airsoft gun in TECH TIPS! In this episode, we cover very briefly what the easiest upgrades are available for your gun."

Airsoftology: What Is The Best Airsoft Upgrade?

This episode of Airsoftology's Q&A Show is about what we call as the "money draining" part in getting an airsoft gun, as Jonathan Higgs talks about upgrades... "In this Airsoftology Q&A show Jonathan covers your questions on; the best 1st time upgrade for your airsoft gun, why deans battery connectors aren't standard equipment yet, do you really need a sling & how to keep up with your phone while playing."

Echo1 Troy TRX Battle Rifle Upgrade

How do you upgrade an Echo1 Troy MFR AEG to a TRX? Team Blacksheep shows you how in this video (or if you don't want get one of the new TRX models)... "Check out how this Echo1 Troy MFR has been upgraded and turned into a great looking and working rifle!"

ICS Class: Upper Gearbox Upgrade

Now, a more intermediate user video by ICS Class where they teach how to assemble an Upper Gearbox Uprade. You can get these upgrade kits from your retailer or if they don't have it, tell them to stock some for you and other ICS users... "ICS Class teaches you how to assemble MA-54 / MA-56 Upgrade upper gearbox."

AEG Parts Update From King Arms

More parts from King Arms as they announce the availability of parts for AEGs. These are the AWG Silicone Rubber Wires, POM Cylinder Head For Ver.II Gearboxes; Tappet Plate for Version 2 /P90/G36/M14 Gearboxes; Selector Plates for MP5 and AK; and Selector Plates for G36 and G3. Click on the links below to learn more:

AWG Silicone Rubber Wires

AMS Miracle Barrel Airsoft Gun Upgrade

Airsoft Megastore has a new video on upgrading your airsoft gun and this covers installing the Miracle Barrel... "Usually the first upgrade a player makes is swapping their barrel for a more high end one. This helps with improving accuracy and range which can drastically effect your game day. The Miracle barrel helps by having two tracks built into the barrel that aid in hop up contact and flight consistency.

How To Upgrade An Airsoft Sniper Rifle

Want to shoot an airsoft sniper reliably and accurately like Novritsch? Well, then do it the Novritsch way by getting his tuning kit which is available for the Tokyo Marui VSR-10, ARES Airsoft MSR, ARES Airsoft M700, AGM L96, ACM M24, and VFC M40A3. Here he demonstrates using the kit on the Tokyo Marui VSR-10.