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Unicorn Leah

Unicorn Leah: My First Time Sniping

Unicorn Leah turns into an airsoft sniper with the G&G SR25 during a game at the Wildlands Airsoft Park... "Unicorn Leah tries out the sniper role with an SR25 variant, the G&G GR25 at Wildlands Airsoft Park at Jungle Island in Lake Elsinore, CA. The original plan was to use a bolt action VSR10 with Novritsch tuning kit, but the VSR10 was having major consistency issues (about a 6 foot grouping). The SR25 commonly fulfills the DMR/Sniper role at airsoft games.

Unicorn Leah: Airsoft Summer Palooza!

Unicorn Leah tells you more about the upcoming Airsoft Summer Palooza that will take place next month in Spring, Texas... "Summer airsoft party! High Ground Airsoft in Spring, TX is holding their 2nd annual Summer Airsoft Palooza at their gigantic indoor field on July 8. Here's a look at last year's event to give you an idea of what to expect. This year will be bigger and better - see you there!"

Unicorn Leah: BB Zen With Shades

Unicorn Leah was at the Wildlands Airsoft Park to hangout with Evike Street Teamm which also includes the silent but effective Evike Shades... "Airsoft vlog time! Hang out behind the scenes with the Evike Street team (Shades, Miguel, Chris, Rich, and Jet DesertFox) at Wildlands Airsoft Park at Jungle Island in Lake Elsinore, CA. Also featuring: BrainExploder, Dickbutt Airsoft, and Spartan117GW. I've thrown in some unicorn airsoft gameplay footage for you, as well!"

Unicorn Leah: Battle For Underwear Hill

Well, how about that? Scare the enemy into giving up their position by going up against them naked. Unicorn Leah tells more about this with her footage of the Milsim West Rostov Rising... "Anything could happen at a Milsim West game. For example, Derek takes off all his clothes and runs into battle, and I hit DesertFox with a hail mary bb spray while in an airsoft grenade battle with a Russian enemy.

Unicorn Leah: The Best Year Of My Life

Unicorn Leah puts up a video on the 1st year of marriage with Jet DesertFox... "Marrying Jet DesertFox was the best choice of my life.  Since Jet and I celebrated our 1 year anniversary yesterday, I wanted to share with you guys what our first year of married life has been like. We have traveled all over the United States - Hawaii to Delaware (for airsoft)! Without the support of my husband, my YouTube life wouldn't be possible. This is a thank you to him."

Unicorn Leah At Evike Airsoft Trading Post

More footage of's The Airsoft Trading Post that took place last 15 April 2017. This time it is from Unicorn Leah with her guest, Femme Fatale Airsoft... "Behind the scenes at the trading post in Alhambra, CA. See what kind of guns and gear are for sale at these events, get a tour of the Evike store, and get a glimpse of Jet DesertFox's other hobby: skateboarding. Plus, Unicorn Leah and Femme Fatale Airsoft (Kelly) learn to ride a skateboard for the first time.

Evike NSRT With FFA & Unicorn Leah

It's Ladies' Night, or Day, depending on the time Episode 118 of's "Not So Round Table" Talk Show was recorded. Matt and George got two famous women in airsoft as guests, Unicorn Leah who is regular guest, and Femme Fatale Airsoft who flew in from the UK to have experience American Airsoft and share her UK experiences across the pond.

Unicorn Leah: Drug Running in Aruba!

Wanting to play in tropical island paradise? Jet and Unicorn Leah recently did and here is another video of their airsoft gameplay at Hot Triggers. They are organising Aruba airsoft tours so get in touch with them to learn more... "Ever wondered what it's like to play airsoft on a Caribbean island? Welcome to airsoft in South America! Jet DesertFox and I traveled to Aruba to check out their jungle airsoft scene.

Unicorn Leah: First Responder Necessities

An unboxing video by Unicorn Leah together with her visitor from across the pond, Femme Fatale Airsoft... "Calling all preppers! The latest tactical subscription box from Spec Ops Global is a custom package ideal for first responders. Featuring tactical gear designed by military and law enforcement veterans in the United States and Russia."

Milsim West Seize Grozny Ranger Madness

Unicorn Leah got another footage of players with the Ranger impression during the Milsim West Seize Grozny event... "Join Task Force Mayhem, a 2010 Ranger impression platoon, as they Seize Grozny! This platoon was created/is lead by Army Ranger combat veterans.  I served as a rifleman/team leader/media for the platoon. The Ranger platoon served as a QRF of sorts for this airsoft military simulation.