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eHobby Asia: Hot Products & Special Sale

Another round of hot products have arrived at eHobby Asia this week. They got all sorts of revolvers and pistols from Tanaka, ASG, Gun Heaven, Umarex, as well as their own EAC. Also in stock now is the Cybergun COLT M4 AEG, TMC Tactical Holster, and the Ace1Arms MPS iPad Urban Bag. Just click the links below to learn more including their ongoing special sale for you to get most for your airsoft shopping budget:

Umarex (VFC) HK416s & HK417 At eHobby Asia

A selection of fully-licensed HK416 and HK417 airsoft guns from Umarex (OEM VFC) are in stock right now at eHobby Asia. Choose from amongst the following: HK416C AEG, HK416D V2 AEG, HK417 350C AEG, and the M27 IAR AEG. Just click on the links below to learn more about these:

Umarex (VFC) H&K HK416C AEG Airsoft Rifle

Umarex Airsoft Products For 2017

So what's in store for airsofters from Umarex for 2017? Here is a video showing their product offerings such as the Walter PPQ RAL8000 Springer, Walther P99 HME Kit Springer, a Beretta ARX160 Pistol, H&K MP5 A3 Sportsline, the gas powered H&K HK416 A5 and more. Watch the video below to see the full lineup.

Umarex Legends Smoke Wagon Pistol

A video from Umarex shows the Umarex Legends Smoke Wagon CO2-Powered Airsoft Revolver... "The Smoke Wagon is powered by a single twelve gram CO2 capsule concealed within the grips and is easily charged with it's built-in wrench. Each casing holds a single six millimeter airsoft BB and the gun slings them out at three hundred feet per second."

Diles46: Scope Cam With G28 DMR

We see another airsoft video with the Shot Trak HD Action Cam used as a scope cam. In this case, it's Diles46 mounting it on the H&K G28 DMR... "I had to try my hand at the G28 from Elite force. Everyone wants to be an airsoft sniper these days but I am just trying to keep heads down and not break my arms while using this beast! This is my first scope cam footage, using a Shot Trak HD. Hope you guys enjoy."

USAirsoft: Ares-Umarex G36 AEG Review

Review from USAirsoft covers the Ares/Umarex fully licensed G36 AEG which he finds to be a good AEG to use in the field... "This is my most exciting addition to my collection, I'm really stoked to have it here and laying down the game at any field with this G36 is just way too much fun.

eHobby Asia: Umarex HK416 & Great Savings

eHobby Asia send in their list of products that they recommend to airsoft players this week and they are also offering savings on your purchases. For this week, they got products from Amoeba Airsoft, Umarex/VFC, Novritsch, Asura Dynamics, and 5.11 Tactical. Check the links below to learn more:

Diles46: HK USP Compact Tactical GBB

Working for an airsoft company does have great benefit for one who has an airsoft YouTube Channel. Diles46 gets to show us the various airsoft guns from Elite Force as he now works for them. In this case, he shows the Heckler & Koch USP Compact Tactical GBB Pistol.

eHobby Asia: KA MDT Rifles & New Items

Latest product news from eHobby Asia this week show the availability of the MDT rifles from King Arms, the Umarex Beretta APX and Walther P99 DAO CO2 blowback pistols, as  well as the EAC STI Custom GBB. As for gear and tools, now in stock are the Fobus Dual Mag Pouch, Leatherman Charge TI Pocketool, and the 5.11 Sierra Bravo Duty Belt Plus. Click on the links below to learn more:

Nuke Airsoft: KWA MP7 GBB Review

A review in German by Nuke Airsoft of the KWA MP7 Gas Blowback SMG... "Review of the KWA MP7! For about 3-4 years in the team, it gives a very awesome feeling and decent performance. Furthermore faithful Trademarks thanks to the UMAREX license. Meanwhile, however, some age-related defects such as brittle seals.

Facts about Gun Powered by: Green Gas Length: 360 - 590mm FPS acc. Manufacturer: 380+"