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New Products Available At Airsoft Taiwan

Two products are announced by Airsoft Taiwan. The first one is the Umarex G36C Gas Blowback Rifle which is fully licensed and the other one is the Action Army 50-round Magazine for the VSR-10 which should keep a lot of airsoft snipers using the VSR-10 very happy with a higher capacity magazine. Watch the videos to learn more about these:

USAirsoft: Umarex Smoke Wagon Review

USAirsoft got his hands on the Umarex Smoke Wagon Revolver, a CO2-powered airsoft pistol for this review... "The Smoke Wagon revolver is a new six shot single action Co2 revolver for those looking for something really different but in a good way.

RWTV: Umarex PPQ GBB In Gray

Gray version of the Umarex PPQ GBB Pistol is in stock at RedWolf Airsoft and here is Marck of RWTV to check it out for you... "The Walther PPQ M2 6mm is the the latest to reveal itself in the PP series by Umarex. It's larger from what you got before in the series but it's still compact and kicks back a fair bit.

eHobby Asia New Products & Great Sale

Some new hot products have arrived at eHobby Asia, led by the new VFC Avalon Leopard Series. The other arrivals are from Marushin, Tokyo Arms, MadBull, KJ Works, Tokyo Marui, and Umarex. Also, don't forge the 5.11 Days Sale where they are taking 20% off on all gear. Other sale are 10% off guns and 15% off accessories as they celebrate the new SPK Shop. Follow the links below to learn more:

WGC Shop: Umarex G28 GBB Pre-Order

Here is your chance to own an Umarex G28 Gas Blowback Rifle as WGC Shop are taking pre-orders with shipping options... "We are pre-ordering Umarex G28 GBB rifle! We also offer 2 shipping solutions. One is delivered from HK, so that you can combine shipping with other items. The other is delivered from Taiwan, you can get G28 GBB with lower price and lower postage with reasonably priced and reliable EMS service, which save you more!"

USAirsoft: Umarex Beretta APX Review

USAirsoft reviews the APX Co2 Blowback Pistol from Umarex. This has a metal slide and polymer lower frame. The magazine has a capacity of 15BBs and to power the pistol, it uses 12g CO2 cartridges (non-threaded). Fully licensed from Beretta, it has an initial muzzle velocity of 310fps and available at Airsoft Station.

eHobby Asia: Hot Products & Special Sale

Another round of hot products have arrived at eHobby Asia this week. They got all sorts of revolvers and pistols from Tanaka, ASG, Gun Heaven, Umarex, as well as their own EAC. Also in stock now is the Cybergun COLT M4 AEG, TMC Tactical Holster, and the Ace1Arms MPS iPad Urban Bag. Just click the links below to learn more including their ongoing special sale for you to get most for your airsoft shopping budget:

Umarex (VFC) HK416s & HK417 At eHobby Asia

A selection of fully-licensed HK416 and HK417 airsoft guns from Umarex (OEM VFC) are in stock right now at eHobby Asia. Choose from amongst the following: HK416C AEG, HK416D V2 AEG, HK417 350C AEG, and the M27 IAR AEG. Just click on the links below to learn more about these:

Umarex (VFC) H&K HK416C AEG Airsoft Rifle

Umarex Airsoft Products For 2017

So what's in store for airsofters from Umarex for 2017? Here is a video showing their product offerings such as the Walter PPQ RAL8000 Springer, Walther P99 HME Kit Springer, a Beretta ARX160 Pistol, H&K MP5 A3 Sportsline, the gas powered H&K HK416 A5 and more. Watch the video below to see the full lineup.

Umarex Legends Smoke Wagon Pistol

A video from Umarex shows the Umarex Legends Smoke Wagon CO2-Powered Airsoft Revolver... "The Smoke Wagon is powered by a single twelve gram CO2 capsule concealed within the grips and is easily charged with it's built-in wrench. Each casing holds a single six millimeter airsoft BB and the gun slings them out at three hundred feet per second."