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Sniper Rifle

Laylax: Tokyo Marui M40A5 Assembly

Even if we successfully disassemble an airsoft gun, especially rifles, for cleaning and maintenance, sometimes we do forget the steps we took as reversing the steps will mean assembling the rifle back together again. Laylax demonstrated the disassambly of the Tokyo Marui M40A5 Sniper Rifle before, now they helpfully put up video for you to assemble it back.

Mach Sakai: Tokyo Marui M40A5 Test

A different test this time from Mach Sakai as he tries what BBs perform well with the new Tokyo Marui M40A5 Bolt Action Sniper Rifle. He uses the Marui Superior 0.28g, Perfect Hit Bio 0.25g, Maruzen APS Bio BB 0.29 and shooting a target from 20 metres to see which gives a more accurate hit.

Airsoftology: Classic Army M24 LTR Review

Is there a difference between the old and well received Classic Army M24 Sniper Rifle and this new Classic Army M24 LTR? Find out in this video review by Airsoftology... "Remember the original Classic Army M24?  Yeah... we do too.  Well,  the M24 LTR isn't even the same rifle, and Jonathan covers all of the changes to this VSR-10 compatible rifle to show you what's changed and if it's worth the budget price point."

"Ares Striker PSA - Elite Force Nonsense"

So what about those PSAs on the Ares Amoeba Airsoft Striker Sniper Rifle in the U.S.? According to Bespoke Airsoft, which is on the other side of the pond, those are nonsense as those sold in Europe are ok and that basically what is happening is more of scare tactics. Watch the video why the Striker Sniper Rifle is just like other airsoft sniper rifles with similar operation.

Airsoftology On Amoeba Striker AS01

You have heard from Airsoft GI about the Amoeba Striker AS01 Sniper Rifle and why U.S. airsoft players should wait a bit more; and now here is Airsoftology putting out video supporting this... "The Ares Striker Sniper Rifle is a big change for airsoft sharpshooters, and overall it's a solid airsoft gun... but if you live in the US, you may want to wait a few months to get one. And Jonathan explains why."

ASGI's Ares Amoeba Striker Warning

Airsoft GI has this PSA video warning airsoft players on the Ares Amoeba Striker Airsoft Sniper Rifles... "In the interest of the continued safety of our customers, fans, and the community at large, we felt it was our duty to clarify a few things given recent developments:

Laylax's Tokyo Marui M40A5 Takedown

Previously, Laylax posted videos showing the disassembly and putting back together the Tokyo Marui M40A5 Magazine. Now, they show you the main thing for full takedown video of the sniper rifle itself. Try to turn on the language caption to follow how they disassemble this new bolt action sniper rifle from the most popular airsoft brand.

Swamp Sniper Tests The Novritsch SSG24

The Swamp Sniper tests the Novritsch SSG24 if it is a good buy for those who want to be airsoft snipers... "Swamp Sniper, owner of Ballahack Airsoft Field, testing out the new Novritsch SSG24 in gameplay. Is it worth it? Find out with me. It may be the perfect stock airsoft sniper rifle you can buy on the market and at a cost of $485 I believe it's worth it. But, don't take my word for it. Watch how it performs. Making a review video of the Novritsch SSg24 is going to be a blast.

Mach Sakai: Tokyo Marui M40A5 OD & Black

Mach Sakai does a comparison of the Olive Drab and Black versions of the Tokyo Marui M4A05 Bolt Action Sniper Rifle. Apart from the colour, is there really a difference between the two in terms of operation and performance? Watch the video as he tests them for accuracy.

Novritsch SSG24 Sniper Rifle Review

Silo Entertainment reviews the Novritsch SSG24 Sniper Rifle via gameplay. Made to the specifications of the Novritsch, a well known airsoft sniper, this can handle springs up to M190 and is ready to go out of the box with no need for tuning or modifications and it uses a 6.01 precision inner barrel.