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The Benefits Of ACOG-Type Optics

Gun Gamers make the case on using ACOG-type optics in airsoft for this video, citing their benefits. Do you agree or you prefer other types of optics? Watch the video... "In this slightly late video, Garrett talks about why he likes ACOG type optics for airsoft rifles, and what the pros and cons of the optic format are."

Tactical Rifleman: Best Sights For Glock

Tactical Rifleman got this video in which the Karl gives his opinion on best sights for the Glock Pistol that can give you and understanding that some sights can be good for certain purposes... "This week, Karl takes us through his opinion on Glock Sight Upgrades. We all love Glocks because they run all the time. That said, the stock sights leave room for improvement.

More GK Tactical Optics At RedWolf Airsoft

If you are looking for high quality and affordable sights to use for airsoft, just look at RedWolf Airsoft and RWA for the GK Tactical optics. You can choose from the 552-style holosight to Aimpoint-style replicas and they can easily meet your budget. Just go to RedWolf Airsoft UK to check them out.

Gun Gamers SpeedSim: Use Your Sights!

In this episode of SpeedSim by the Gun Gamers, they cover the need of using your sights when playing airsoft as they do server an important purpose... "This week on SpeedSim, E House and Andre rant and rave about how much they love their sighting systems on their airsoft guns, and how you can make best use of them in your own gaming."

Laylax Nitro.Vo High Mount For Optics

A new release at Laylax, the Nitro.Vo Optical High Mount. Easily mounted on standard Picatinny rails, the rise is about 1.1 inches, allowing the a scope or a Red Dot Sight to be mounted and not obstructed by other weapons accessories mounted up front such as PEQ boxes. It is made in Japan and uses lighweight, high-strength aluminium.

Real Sights vs. Fake Airsoft Sights Part 1

An interesting topic that is getting more attention lately. Now, the Dark Gray Project goes over this topic of replica sights for airsoft and the real versions. This is the first part... "This is our talk and presentation about the differences of real sights vs. fake ones. Is it really worth running real optics on your airsoft guns? What other budget options are out there for quality sights? Check out the video to learn more."

Dual Profile Rhino Fiber Optic Sights

Matt features in this video, the Dual Profile Rhino Fiber Optic Sights available at in black and dark earth colours... "The Rhino flip-up sight is an innovative redesigned rifle sight featuring light weight hard polymer construction, adjustable windage & elevation and a unique dual-profile target acquisition design for a wide-range of platform and applications.

Evike: Rhino Flip-Up Tactical Sights

Now on pre-order at are the Rhino Flip-Up Tactical Sights made by APS. These can be used on both rifles and pistols  and fit Picatinny-style systems. These are fully adjustable for elevation, elevation, and allow for quick target acquisition. Made of Polymer, you can order these as a set (front and rear sights), or buy them separately according to your requirements.

Sightmark Optics & PEQ Box Review

Airsoft Atlanta has in stock optics, magnifiers, and PEQ Box from Sightmark ready to be ordered by airsoft players. Here's a run through of these products... "A quick review of the popular Sightmark Reflex Sight with a variety of reticle choices, 3x Scope Magnifier, and AN/PEQ laser and flashlight combo. The PEQ box features a 220 lumen flashlight and green laser that's deadly accurate. All in all, a great combination of gun accessories by Sightmark!"

Tuff Zone Flip Up Polymer Sights Available

Affordable flip-up polymer sights from Tuff Zone if you're looking for a different type of Flip-up sights. Available in black,tan or olive drab colour, you can order a set for US$22.99 at Airsoft Atlanta... "Nice set of flip up sights from TUFFZONE. Comes in black, dark earth, and od green. Place your order soon with Airsoft Atlanta.