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RWTV: Top 5 Guns From COD WWII

With the upcoming Call of Duty: WWII FPS video game, interest in World War II weapons is back and what more for RedWolf Airsoft TV but to make a list of World War II guns used in the game that have airsoft versions. Find out the top 5 guns from the video game that Marck West has listed for this video.

RWTV: VFC HK45CT GBB Sneak Preview

It's the turn of Marck this time to do a sneak preview of the Umarex HK45CT (Compact Tactical) Gas Blowback Pistol made by Vega Force Company (VFC) in this RedWolf Airsoft TV episode... "Marck takes a look at the HK45CT by Umarex, how does this stocky compact handle itself?"

RWTV: Tokyo Marui G3 SG1 AEG

With another G3 AEG coming up from a certain airsoft manufacturer in Taiwan, Tim of RedWolf Airsoft TV unearths a more classic AEG in the form the of the Tokyo Marui G3 SG1 AEG in this "Blast from the Past" episode of RWTV... "We always manage to get our hands on one of these relics and now it’s time for a true icon to show its face once more."

RWTV: Gun Heaven 1877 Major 3 Revolver

Available in three versions at RedWolf Airsoft are Top-Break airsoft revolvers in the form of the Gun Heaven 1877 Major 3 CO2 Revolvers and here is RWTV to give their lowdown on this series... "Ever wanted to channel your inner Jesse James or Wyatt Earp? You can now give it a chance with the Gun Heaven 1877 Major 3 CO2 Revolver."

RWTV: Krytac Trident MK2 AEG

Find out what Tim says about the Krytac Trident MK2 AEG Series in this video review from RedWolf Airsoft TV as he has finally settled back to his old job... "It’s safe to say that the Krytac Trident MK2 AEG has been out for a while and now that Marck has it, he doesn’t have much to say. Tim, on the other hand, does."

RWTV: ASG Scorpion Evo Carbines Sneak Peek

The new love team, errr... tandem for RedWolf Airsoft, Marck and Team gives us a sneak peek video on the ASG Scorpion EVO 3A1 Carbines in this RWTV episode... "This week Tim and Marck take a sneak peek at the ASG Scorption Evo Carbines! Many thanks to ASG for sending us the guns for an early look!"

RWTV: Ares Airsoft SOC SLR Preview

Ares Airsoft are coming out with the an AEG sniper rifle in the form of the Ares SOC SLR AEG that was on display at the IWA Outdoor Classics in Germany. RedWolf Airsoft TV's Marck gives us a quick look at this upcoming product... "Marck takes a sneak preview at the Ares SOC SLR AEG sniper rifle. Does AEG make it better?

Special Thanks: Airsoft & Milsim News Blog."

RWTV: Albert.W. Model 01 Pistol

Tim Selby does a full episode for RedWolf Airsoft TV, covering the Tokyo Marui Samurai Edge Albert W. Model 01 Gas Blowback Pistol made for Resident Evil: Biohazard 7 video game... "As Mark is currently on holiday, Tim took it upon himself to take a closer look at the GBB pistol that featured one of the scariest sequels of the Resident Evil series, Resident Evil 7. Does this replica have a place on the field, or is it just another pistol you will keep it home locked away inside its case?"

RedWolf RWTV: Tim Selby Is Back

Now look who is the guest of Marck West in this RedWolf Airsoft TV episode? No other than RedWolf Brand Ambassador and former host of RWTV, Tim Selby. It looks like he's back, but will it be for good? Watch the video... "Ever wondered what happened to Tim and now wondering why he's back? Tim explains all in this episode."

RWTV: The Krytac LMG-Enhanced AEG

Marck West of RWTV reviews the Krytac Trident LMG-Enhanced AEG which you can order from RedWolf Airsoft. This is the second version of the Krytac Trident LMG which comes with a KeyMod Handguard. It has licensed Defiance Pistol Grip and LCMC Trigger with the battery installed in the stock. This has an ambidextrous fire selector and 8mm gearbox with integrated MOSFET.