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Airsoftology Q&A With Marck & Max

Jonathan Higgs of Airsoftology went to Hong Kong to make a pilgrimage to the airsoft mecca and for his Q&A outside of the States, he does the episode with RedWolf Airsoft's Marck West and Max Gambit. Read the list of questions he tackles with the two below, with the first question something that everyone would want to answer.

Tippmann Mail Call:

RedWolf Airsoft Cybergun FNS-9 Review

Previously, you have watched the RWTV review on this pistol. If you want a written review of the Cybergun FNS-9 Gas Blowback Pistol which is available at the RedWolf Airsoft online store, here is one posted at their blog section...

VFC Avalon Leopard: Airsoft Thundercats

The mere mention of Thundercats always brings us back to their opening line, "Thundercats are on the move! Thundercats are loose!" Marck West reviews the VFC Avalon Leopard which has the frontend of its handguard shaped like a cat. For us, we call it Voltron, but for Marck, it's Thundercats. This AEG is available now at the RedWolf Airsoft online store and most probably be out of stock as there is a demand for this AEG.

RedWolf Weekend At Siege Airsoft

Tim Selby, RedWolf Airsoft's Brand Ambassador will be going to Siege Airsoft in Toronto for the RedWolf Weekend on the 22nd of April 2017... "Siege is hosting monthly Airsoft Community Events that aims to bring together and promote key airsoft figures and components in our local community. We will be featuring Groups, Collectives, Teams, Companies, and those whom have key significance and contributions to the local community.

4 Ways To Booby Trap With The AI XL Burst

Marck West of RedWolf Airsoft shows you four ways to set up a booby trap using the Airsoft Innovations XL Burst Grenade. Sounds like something for you to try on an airsoft game when you get your own AI XL Burst... "This week Marck booby traps the office with the Airsoft Innovations XL Burst!"

RWTV: The Robinson Armament XCR

Marck of RedWolf Airsoft TV checks out the VFC XCR Micro AEG for this episode... "The Micro configuration of the XCR is ideal for diplomatic protection or deployment from vehicles and small spaces.

RWA B.A.D. VERT Stock Now Available

RedWolf Airsoft now got in stock the RWA B.A.D. Vert Stock fully licensed from Battle Arms Development... "The RWA B.A.D. VERT Stock System is a PDW Stock (Battle Arms Development Licensed) for either the WA System M4 GBBR and the Tokyo Marui M4 MWS GBBR. It's 30% - 40% lighter than traditional PDW stock systems. With a simple bolt-on installation and without requiring end-plate or castle nut it makes it so easy to install.

RWTV: Does It Sting? APS Black Hornet

The upcoming APS Black Hornet is making its rounds for airoft reviewers before it gets released into the wild. Here is Marck West of RedWolf Airsoft taking a look on this blowback pistol that can go in full auto... "How Hard Does It Sting? Marck takes a stroll in the wild and comes across a formidable hornet!"

RWC Inokatsu Colt M4 CQB GBB w/ PEQ

You like what you see? Better cough up US$1,479.00 for the RWC Inokatsu Colt M4 CQB with a PEQ Box and with a Battleworn Cerakote paintjob... "With this version, INOKATSU has improved upon their previous 2011 version M4 GBB designs with an improved bolt for greater durability and more stable performance.

RedWolf: Silverback SRS FAST Hop-Up

Made for the Silverback Airsoft DesertTech SRS-A1 Sniper Rifle, the Silverback SRS FAST Hop-Up Unit is available at RedWolf Airsoft and comes with a 60 Degree Hop-Up Rubber... "The Silverback SRS FAST Hop Up Unit & 60 Degree Hopup Rubber is a 6061 aluminium CNC machining hopup unit for the Silverback SRS-A1. Its new design enables one to adjust the hopup in-game without any tool within seconds.