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Evike NSRT With FFA & Unicorn Leah

It's Ladies' Night, or Day, depending on the time Episode 118 of's "Not So Round Table" Talk Show was recorded. Matt and George got two famous women in airsoft as guests, Unicorn Leah who is regular guest, and Femme Fatale Airsoft who flew in from the UK to have experience American Airsoft and share her UK experiences across the pond.

Evike NSRT Episode 117 With ASG Bob

Action Sports Game (ASG) is represented by ASG Bob in episode 117 of's "Not So Round Table" talk show. They start the talk discussing the use of the term "real steel" which airsofters call real world firearms. They talk other stuff but mainly answer the questions sent in by their viewers.

Evike NSRT "Hydration" Episode 116

A good topic for this episode of's "Not So Round Table" Talk Show where Matt and George talk about hydration. It is rather an important thing especially in events where players need to accomplish missions under the heat of the sun. What are to avoid and what should be brought to the field. So remember to stay hydrated.

Evike NSRT "Milsim Camping" Episode 115

It's episode 115 of's "Not So Round Table" talk show with George back to join Matt as last week he was not present with Ryan taking over his place. The main topic is about Milsim camping and what you can bring to stay outside for the event. As always, they answer questions sent in by their viewers by pulling out questions from a helmet.

Evike NSRT "Matt & Ryan Take Over" Ep. 114

It's Matt with Ryan this time for Episode 114 of's "Not So Round Table" Talk Show where they answer questions sent in by followers of their YouTube Channel. It's a long episode this time, almost 45 minutes and they do a quick round in answering the questions that they pull out from the helmet.

Evike NSRT "Ninjas Vs Unicorns" Ep. 113's "Not So Round Table" Talk Show got a new opening video as they start Episode 113. For this episode, they have airsoft's first couple, Jet DesertFox and Unicorn Leah, as guests this time. Find out what their answers will be to questions sent in by viewers as well as talk about other topics concerning our hobby.

Evike NSRT "KRISS Vector Giveaway" #112

Matt and George got a special guest for Episode 112 of the's "Not So Round Table" Talk Show. Tim from KRISS Arms/Krytac drops by the EvikeTV studio to talk about their Krytac KRISS Vector AEG Giveaway promo which is now on its final weekend of registration. If you haven't done that yet, provided you bought a Krytac airsoft gun, better so quick. Apart from that, they get to answer questions sent in by the NSRT viewers.

Evike NSRT Ep. 111 NSRT 2.0 "Enola Gaye"

Matt and George are back to making episodes of's "Not So Round Table" Talk Show after doing livecast during the SHOT Show 2017. For this episode, which is Episode 111, they have as guests the guys from Enola Gaye USA where they talk about the pyros and BB grenades they have on offer for pyromad airsoft players in the US of A. NSRT "SHOT Show" Ep. 110

As we are nearing the SHOT Show 2017, we are hearing announcements from different airsoft companies on their plans to be present to be their show. For, the hosts for NSRT also conduct an NSRT episode at the SHOT Show and you may want your questions get pulled during the show. Apart from that, watch for their announcements for the show and their answers to questions sent in for this episode.

Evike NSRT "Christmas Time" Ep. 109

In's "Not So Round Table" Talk Show, George had to wear that sweater as he lost a bet. For episode 109, which is their Christmas Episode, Matt and George answer some interesting questions sent in by their viewers starting with a question on a recommended bullpup for beginner players in which they recommend the AUG AEG.