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ASGI's 24-Hour Milsim Game Prep Tips #1

Going to your first milsim event? It is not your usual airsoft game and you better be prepared when going to one. Don't worry Airsoft GI got you on this and they have video series on how to gear up for a 24-hour milsim game with part 1 about researching and planning for the OPFOR loadout.

RandomTrashy: Are Milsim Players Better?

Let the debate begin, are Milsim players better than than other airsoft players, be it speedball, or the regular weekend airsoft warriors? RandomTrashy touches this topic as part of his Ultimate Guide To Milsim where he takes airsofters who are about to enter milsim learn the key points of safety, comfort, and enjoyment.

Brain Exploder's First Milsim Experience

The Brain Exploder finally gets to taste Milsim as he goes to an event organised by Lion Claws... "After 10 years of airsoft I am finally getting into the whole milsim side of things and it's very addictive. Check out my journey and some of the unexpected obstacles as well as how my expectations compared with reality.

DesertFox Milsim Assault Back Pack Set Up

Find out more about the backpack setup by DesertFox Airsoft that he uses for milsim events or full day airsoft games... "A brief overview of what back pack/assault pack I use for almost all milsim or all day airsoft games.  I also cover other accessories I have added to my pack.  Along with what I put inside my pack for milsim or all day games.

Gun Gamers: Budget SpeedSoft & MilSim Kits

Now for the budget conscious, the Gun Gamers put together some kits you can get for speed soft and milsim at a lower prices in this Speed Sim episode... "This week on SpeedSim, E House and Andre build eachother a budget loadout for SpeedSoft and Milsim for the price of a video game console using only items in the River City Airsoft pro shop!

"What To Bring To Your First Milsim Event"

First video from Airsoftology for 2017, and it is a topic for those who will immerse themselves in a Milsim event for the firs time would be interested in... "In this Monday Q&A show Jonathan redeems himself for a mistake last episode, and then dives into your questions on:

1:43 - What should I bring to my first Milsim?3:41 - You  cut out last week's question about Wide Bores...6:57 - Should I wire my charger to Deans plugs too?"

How Playing Speedsoft Can Help Your MilSim

Gun Gamers make the case on Speedsoft as being a good way to help you participate better in Milsim events... "This week, E House flies solo and discusses how playing SpeedSoft type games can help develop skill sets that you will use on the MilSim field. Enjoy!"

Gun Gamers: 2016 MilSim Game Comparison

Which one does it better? Gun Gamers do a comparison of the Milsim events in 2016... "Over the last 5 weeks, I attended 3 major MilSim Events on the East Coast, each from a different event promoter. So today, I take some time to compare some notes on my experiences at these events and discuss which event experience might be for you.

Filmed and edited by Eric 'E House' Houseknecht."

Airsoft Milsim & CQB Summer Highlights

Highlights of airsoft events where Lancer Tactical was present in Summer 2016... "It's been a great summer of airsoft! Here are some of our highlights from the games we've played in summer 2016! The MMC and the Multi Mission PDW have worked great all summer!"

Airsoftology: WW2 MilSim Game Possible?

Is it possible to have World War II-themed Milsim game? It is possible as long as all players get the proper World War II gear which can be found at militaria sites and reenactors' groups though it will take some time. Here is Jonathan talk about it and other topics in another Airsoftology Q&A Mondays...