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Scouththedoggie: Krytac Light Machine Gun

If listening to a fully automatic AEG is music to your ears, then listening and watching a Krytac LMG AEG in action courtesy of the Scoutthedoggie should make your day... "Ashley lays down suppressing fire with his new Krytac LMG. This is one of the lightest and most effective LMG's on the airsoft market right now."

Upgrade Challenge: Budget Krytac Alpha CRB

Airsoftology's Jonathan Higgs does some upgrades to the affordable Krytac Alpha CRB AEG. He does a 200-foot range and accuracy test to it for this video... "Sure, anyone can build a beastly airsoft gun with unlimited funds... but Jonathan set out to see if he could build a 200 foot headshot-inducing Krytac CRB with just a spring and barrel as upgrades?  Watch and see if it's possible, or if he is left in defeat."

Prometheus EG Barrels Available At Krytac

After the announcement of their partnership in distributing Prometheus Inner Barrels with Laylax, Krytac announce the ability of the EG Barrels at their online shop... "The Prometheus EG Barrels by Laylax improves your accuracy and range with Japanese precision and quality. CNC machined stainless steel construction with an enlarged hop-up window allows for improved engagement with the KRYTAC Rotary Hop-up.

Krytac: Install KeyMod & Alpha Rail Sections

Next in the series of howto videos from Krytac is how to install the KeyMod rail system... "Attach your favorite accessories to your KRYTAC TR and Alpha hand guards with modular rail sections. In this video we show you how to install KEYMOD rail sections onto your KRYTAC hand guard. Both rail sections are available on the KRYTAC Webstore or at your favorite KRYTAC dealer."

KRISS Vector AEG & New Products Presentation

The SHOT Show is fast coming up with just over a month to go before this big event in the firearms and airsoft world takes place in Las Vegas. Krytac just released information about a planned event during the SHOT Show 2017 where they will showcase the upcoming Krytac KRISS Vector AEG and other new products...

Krytac Battery Stock & Battery Installation

A quick video from Krytac about the battery stock and how to install the battery... "The KRYTAC Battery Stock is capable of accepting a wide variety of batteries. In this video we demonstrate how to install and connect your battery to get your AEG ready to play. You can find the KRYTAC battery stock on the KRYTAC Webstore or at your local KRYTAC dealer."

Krytac: Defiance AEG Grip Installation

Another howto video from Krytac showing you how to install the Defiance AEG Grip... "Learn directly from the KRYTAC Techs on how to properly install the DEFIANCE AEG pistol grip on your favorite KRYTAC Trident or other M4 variant AEG. With step by step instructions on how to remove your existing pistol grip, how to install your new DEFIANCE Pistol grip, and how to install and tune your motor.

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On The Krytac & Laylax Partnership

The BB Warrior gives his take on the Krytac & Laylax Patnership when they first announced a deal on distributing Prometheus Inner Barrels in the U.S.... "Today we'll be discussing the new partnership between Krytac & LayLax, and how it could possibly lead to a new horizon in top tier airsoft guns."

ASGI: Krytac LVOA For Under $40?

What? A Krytac LVOA For Under $40? Well, Airsoft GI has partnered with the company Affirm to come up with a promo that gives you a deferred payment plan allowing you to do monthly payments over 3, 6, or 12 months. Looks good for you? Consult first the page at Airsoft GI if you think such a plan is good for you.

TBS: Krytac Alpha & Trident MK2 Compared

Another comparison of the Krytac Alpha and Trident MK2 Series available and this time it is from the standpoint of Team Blacksheep... "The latest offering from Krytac is their Alpha rifle. With this there will be some differences from the standard Trident series.