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Inner Barrel

Simple Airsoft M4 Upgrades: Inner Barrel

The Brain Exploder starts his Simple Airsoft Upgrades with Part 1 being Inner Barrels... "Taking you through some simple upgrades that can greatly improve any gun and don't require a degree in mechanical engineering.

Krytac & Laylax Inner Barrel Agreement

Krytac are reciprocating with their distribution agreement with Laylax in Japan, with the latter now able  to hold the rights to distribute the Krytac AEGs in the land of airsoft. Now for the U.S. market, they just inked an agreement that Krytac now becomes the exclusive distributor of the Prometheus High Precision Inner Barrels as announced yesterday:

Airsoft Station: Airsoft Barrel Cleaning

Perhaps a boring topic for those who regularly clean the inner barrels of their airsoft guns, but for those who are newbies or about to get into airsoft, it's one of the things they need to learn first, apart from the safety rules, ensuring that their guns don't get jammed. Airsoft Station gives their own advice on cleaning the barrel in this video.

Airsoftology: Miracle Barrel Next Gen Tightbore

Jonathan Higgs checks out the Miracle Barrel's Next Generation Tightbore Barrel in this Airsoftology video review... "Jonathan looks at the Next Generation of the Miracle barrel on the airsoft battlefield to see if this 6.06mm "tightbore" barrel can really make that big of a difference in your airsoft gun's accuracy, or is it all smoke and mirrors..."

AW Custom Tightbore & Hop-up Bucking

For competitive airsoft shooters, Armorer Works just announced their AW Custom Triad Tightbore Inner Barrel & Performance Hopup Bucking... "Developed for and in collaboration with competitive shooters, we're proud to announce the new AW Custom Triad Tightbore 6.01mm Inner Barrels.

These barrels feature triangulated grooves cut into the bore of the muzzle end of the inner barrel.

ICS Class: How To Clean Inner Barrel

Another video in the ICS Class series, which is about understanding, maintining, repairing and upgrading your airsoft guns, especially ICS AEGs. This video shows you how to properly clean your inner barrel, which is important to ensure that BBs are fired and you can avoid jamming. If you are not sure you're cleaning your inner barrel, then watch the video below:

SAT Stainless Steel Inner Barrel For TM M4

Latest video from Airsoft Taiwan shows the new SAT Stainless Steel Inner Barrel for the Tokyo Marui M4A1 MWS Gas Blowback Rifle. A comparison is done showing that the SAT verion is longer than the original inner barrel. A longer barrel can also help improve performance, increasing FPS, range and accuracy.

New RA-Tech Inner Barrel Prototype

RA-Tech released a video showing a prototype they are making for a WE Airsoft "new" design. In this case, it looks like another Glock-like gas blowback pistol, though we cannot make out what model it is based on. The video is a test and comparison between the original one and their prototype, showing air seal and accuracy.

Echo1 M4 Hop-Ups And Inner Barrels

Here's how to install your hop-up unit and inner barrel from Echo1 USA as done by Brian Holt. This includes a video and photos for better understanding... "It is time to either upgrade your hop up unit or inner barrel but you don’t quite know how? Check out this quick 'how to' video and blog to learn and save yourself some time and money for more parts later on!

"Would Rifling An Airsoft Barrel Work?"

You have heard about rifled airsoft inner barrels before, now the question, do they really work? Hear it from Jonathan Higgs in this episode of Airsoftology Mondays... "Mondays returns post-SHOT Show with answers on; do rifled airsoft barrels work, a safe kind of dryfiring and what really happens if you leave BBs in your magazine."