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The ICS CXP Hog Pro-Line AEG Series is available at and Matt tells you more about this in the video... "The newest CXP offering from ICS, the HOG, takes the already tried and true ICS CXP carbine design and makes it even better.

Booligan: Classic Army USA CA110 Project

So what is the result of putting ICS and PTS parts into a Classic Army USA CA11 AEG? Watch Booligan Airsoft tell you more about his project for Airsoft Insider Magazine... "Building interesting guns is what I do best! This Classic Army USA CA110 based gun makes for a drop dead sexy long range shooting platform, especially with the addition of some parts from PTS and ICS!"

Mach Sakai: ICS M1 Garand AEG Review

Mach Sakai reviews the M1 Garand AEG as made by ICS Airsoft. This is a full 1:1 replica with wood finishing, full metal barrel and trigger assembly. The gearbox has been designed that it can take with Marui-compatible internal parts and it is a hybrid 6mm/8mm metal bearing design. The sights are adjustable and has integrated sling adapters that real M1 Garand Slings can fit.

Evike: ICS UKSR Sniper Rifle Stock

In this's "The Gun Corner" episode it is not about a complete airsoft gun that they feature. Instead it is about the ICS Airsoft UKSR Adjustable Airsoft Sniper Rifle Stock. Made to fit with AR-type AEGs, it is made with injected molded polymer with metal allow reinforcements. It is adjustable in length, has a cheek riser and integrated QD sling points.

Airsoft Review Argentina: ICS BLE Alpha

The ICS Black Leopard Eye Alpha Gas Blowback Pistol has now hit the shores of South America and Airsoft Review Argentina give their take on it (in Spanish)... "In this video we introduce the review and field test of the brand new ICS Black Leopard Eye Alpha, a gas blowback, polymer and aluminum airsoft pistol.

We thank PMC Airsoft Argentina for this pistol!"

ICS L85/86 Hop-Up Bucking Replacement

Another session of ICS Class, ICS Airsoft's howto series for owners of ICS AEGs to follow for them to maintain and repair their guns. In this session, they show how to replace the hop-up bucking of the ICS L85 Assault Rifle or the L86 LSW bullpup AEG that was released several years back and is very much in use in the United Kingdom.

Evike [The Gun Corner]: ICS Captain M4 Pistol

The compact ICS CXP-UK1 Captain AEG is at and they feature it in this episode of "The Gun Corner." This is a full metal AEG that uses the ICS Transform4 new generation split gearbox and the polymer part is the motor grip. It has a 6-inch KeyMod-style RIS Handguard and full flattop rail for mounting optics and other weapons accessories.

Airsoft Taiwan: ICS Alpha Pistol GBB

We now see the upcoming ICS BLE Alpha Gas BLowback Pistol in the hands of another group apart from ICS. Airsoft Taiwan features this pistol in this video so we get another opinion on this pistol before it gets finally released. This pistol will be available in black, 2-tone, and tan and is ambidextrous.

Airsoftology: ICS SPR/ CQB Combo Pack

A combo package from Fox Airsoft gets the scrutiny of Jonathan Higgs in this Airsoftology review... "Jonathan's looking at a new offering from Fox airsoft in Colorado, and it's something he's been wanting to see in this industry for a long time; a combo airsoft gun that works for long engagements and CQB games... but this one has a unique twist that only an ICS M4 could provide. Watch and see what it is."

Hyperdouraku: ICS CXP-UK1 Captain Review

One of the more compact ICS Airsoft AEGs in the market, the ICS CXP-UK1 Captain AEG gets reviewed by Hyperdouraku. This is one of the latest AEGs that uses the Transform4 split gearbox with electric blowback feature. It also has a KeyMod rail and is available in black and tan versions.

Find out what Yas thinks about it here and below is the video overview: