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AirsoftPro: ICS BLE ALPHA GBB Pistol

The first gas blowback pistol from ICS Airsoft, the ICS Black Leopard Eye (BLE) Alphas Gas Blowback Handgun is now available in Turkey. AirsoftPro got a video review of this done in Turkish but you can follow with the English subtitles provided... "At last ICS started to produce GBB pistol, you can watch the video."

ICS Airsoft CXP-APE AEG At Firesupport

Another AEG in the ICS CXP-Series is available right now at Firesupport. The ICS CXP-APE AEG... "The CXP-APE AEG features a full metal monolithic upper rail and upper receiver. It has a full metal CNC machined Keymod rail system on the underside for a comfortable and customizable platform for the end users.

To discover how ICS manufactures the CXP-APE handguard, you may refer to this video:

ICS Class: Replacing The Selector Lever

Another quick tutorial video from ICS Class where they show you how to install a selector lever. In this case, it is the ICS MA-51 Selector Lever Set for the ICS AR/M4 Series. Tools needed are tweezers and Silicone Grease apart from the tools required to fully assemble the AEG.

ICS Class: Connecting A T-plug Connector

More and more airsoft players are making upgrades with their battery connectors, transitioning from the default Tamiya connectors to the Deans (T-Connectors). Advantages cited are usually lower resistance and cooler batteries that translate into better run times and performance. ICS Airsoft shows you how to connect one to your ICS AEGs.

Firesupport: ICS World War II Series

For reenactors and World War II airsoft enthusiasts, Frank of Firesupport sends in news that the ICS World War II Series are right now available at their store... "Today I am going to introduce our World War II series airsoft guns – M1 Garand and the M3 Submachine gun (Greaser).

Latest ICS CXP-HOG AEGS At Firesupport

Firesupport sends in news about the latest AEGs in the ICS Airsoft CXP-HOG Series... "I am excited to introduce you some new variants of our CXP-HOG line – The CXP-HOG SD series & Tubular series. These CXP-HOG SD models are set up to be 'Special forces' models with an integrated silencer. Vaguely reminiscent of the MP5 SD, these rifles are not only good-looking but also very practical for use in Airsoft. ICS CXP Hog Pro Line AEG

The ICS CXP Hog Pro-Line AEG Series is available at and Matt tells you more about this in the video... "The newest CXP offering from ICS, the HOG, takes the already tried and true ICS CXP carbine design and makes it even better.

Booligan: Classic Army USA CA110 Project

So what is the result of putting ICS and PTS parts into a Classic Army USA CA11 AEG? Watch Booligan Airsoft tell you more about his project for Airsoft Insider Magazine... "Building interesting guns is what I do best! This Classic Army USA CA110 based gun makes for a drop dead sexy long range shooting platform, especially with the addition of some parts from PTS and ICS!"

Mach Sakai: ICS M1 Garand AEG Review

Mach Sakai reviews the M1 Garand AEG as made by ICS Airsoft. This is a full 1:1 replica with wood finishing, full metal barrel and trigger assembly. The gearbox has been designed that it can take with Marui-compatible internal parts and it is a hybrid 6mm/8mm metal bearing design. The sights are adjustable and has integrated sling adapters that real M1 Garand Slings can fit.

Evike: ICS UKSR Sniper Rifle Stock

In this's "The Gun Corner" episode it is not about a complete airsoft gun that they feature. Instead it is about the ICS Airsoft UKSR Adjustable Airsoft Sniper Rifle Stock. Made to fit with AR-type AEGs, it is made with injected molded polymer with metal allow reinforcements. It is adjustable in length, has a cheek riser and integrated QD sling points.