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Gunfire Specna Arms Custom HPA Rifles

Gunfire are coming up with custom HPA-powered airsoft guns using Specna Arms AEGs as base guns and powered by the Valken V12... "Check out the latest addition to our offer. This time we've added new custom HPA replicas made from Specna Arms with the use of Valken V12 HPA engine."

The Making Of World's Fastest Airsoft Gun?

Well, we really don't keep tabs of records in airsoft (which should be a nice idea btw) so this one cannot be really confirmed. However, if nobody shows up with an old or newer video showing that theirs is the fastest, we can take this in good faith. Giaco Whatever shows how he is building his "World's Fastest Airsoft Gun" in this video... "I didn't actually calculated its speed yet but I'm pretty sure I'll make it the World's fastest airsoft gun... You'll see... ;)

ASG CZ EVO 3A1 HPA 1st Batch Released

The first batch of the HPA-powered ASG CZ Scorpion EVO 3A1 has now arrived. This HPA version retains the features of the AEG version but uses the Wolverine Airsoft Inferno Gen 2 HPA Engine specifically built for it... "Danish innovation meets American ingenuity. The long awaited ASG CZ Scorpion EVO 3A1 HPA is finally here. The very first batch of pre-orders are already hitting stores around the EU and should be inbound overseas shortly.

ICS L85 HPA Bingo Airsoftworks Build

USAirsoft's video shows a customised ICS L85 HPA that is done by Bingo Airsoftworks (also known as Bingo Airsoft Designs). Bingo Airsoftworks is known for fitting various HPA engines into different AEGs. Find out in the video if mentions what HPA engine is used by Bingo for this custom work.

Airsoftology: PStar F1 & Jack Review

Jonathan Higgs of Airsoftology got two HPA engines from PolarStar Airsoft the F1 and the Jack. For this review, he installs and compares them to find out which gives a better performance or which can give the most value for the player looking for an HPA gearbox drop-in kit. Which do you think gives the better value?

G&P & PolarStar Airsoft Team Up

Expect more G&P airsoft guns to be shipped HPA ready as PolarStar HPA engines will be installed in them as posted by G&P on Facebook... "We are happy to announce that we will be working together with Polarstar to bring new designs and products to our customers worldwide. In the upcoming months, we are planning to release products which will greatly improve your airsoft experience.

Tapp Airsoft: DIY HPA Drum Mag

Find out how to HPA tap an AEG drum magazine that can be used with the G Pistol GBB Series as shown by Tapp Airsoft using their adapter. We don't know how the balance of the pistol will but it sure will be fun shooting more BBs out of a pistol than ever before... "Please feel free to comment any questions. Email if you would like a magazine pre-tapped for you or a completed HPA drum mag.

Mancraft HPA Slow Motion Montage

Second video on the Mancraft HPA-equipped airsoft gun from Phoenix Feather Airsoft and it is more a slow-mo montage. Mancraft HPA airsoft systems are made in Poland... "I made a little Airsoft Slow Motion Montage for the Mancraft HPA System we have been testing in our Team for a while now. I bet you guys are enjoying the slow-mo as much as me!"

Tippmann M4 CQB HPA Rifle Review

A review on the new Tippmann M4 CQB HPA Airsoft Rifle is up on the Airsoft Atlanta YouTube Channel, and they have it in stock right now... "Airsoft Atlanta has reviewed the all new airsoft Tippmann CQB M4 HPA 'ready out of the box' gun on Youtube. A HPA tapped and ready to go M4 for $399. Utilizing standard M4 AEG style magazines, this is a bargain gun. No batteries or FCU programming needed. A purely mechanical beast of an airsoft gun.

Airsoftjunkiez Custom Tippmann M4

Another custom work from Airsoftjunkiez now available for you to purchase, the Airsoftjunkiez Custom Tippmann M4...  "The new M4 Carbine brings full-auto--no batteries required performance and Tippmann’s legendary warranty and service into the airsoft market. Key features include the Tippmann proven inline bolt system, adaptable air system, performance adjustability and an authentic M4/AR style.