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PolarStar F1 Install By Airsoftjunkiez

Video from Airsoftjunkiez showing how to install a PolarStar Airsoft F1 HPA Engine with a speed trigger and grip connect... "Airsoftjunkiez step by step install of a PolarStar F1 into a G&G Wildhog, testing gearbox and F1 for airleaks is a must. Detailed look at installing an HPA speed trigger and a grip connect. Chrono testing shows consistency, running 2 mags through for more testing. Airsoftjunkiez procedures and checklist to follow to get a build out the door."

ASG Scorpion EVO Inferno Overview

Amped Airsoft gives us an overview of the ASG Scorpio EVO Inferno Edition, a collaboration between ASG and Wolverine Airsoft... "Matt is in the studio today showing off a hot new offering from ASG AND Wolverine Airsoft: The CZ EVO Scorpion powered by the Inferno Gen 2 HPA drop in unit! Having the Inferno Gen II factory installed by ASG means that you are literally buying a plug and play rifle, all you need is a tank, line and regulator and you're good to go!"

Redline N7 HPA Gun Cam Gameplay

Amped Airsoft got the Redline N7 for some airsoft gameplay at Fallen Warrior Airsoft... "Finally getting a new game play video out to you guys! Matt hit up Fallen Warrior Airsoft in Ohio with some Yinzers and Ohio bros to get you guys some game play footage of the Redline N7. Check it out!"

WE Airsoft SCAR HPA Bullpup Build

This is an interesting build by Stein's GBB Build YouTube Channel. He takes the SRU SCAR-L Gas Blowback Bullpup Kit for the WE Airsoft SCAR-L GBB and goes a bit further in making a SCAR-L GBB Bullpup. What he did is convert it into an HPA Blowback SCAR-L Bullpup and it's fun to watch. If you want to do the same, it's fully documented at his Facebook Page.

Wolverine Airsoft Bolt Sniper Rifle Review

In this episode of the Amped Airsoft Honest Guys Review, they get to review the Wolverine Airsoft Bolt HPA-powered Sniper Rifle... "Anthony and Matt are in the studio today to finally bring you guys a review of the Wolverine Airsoft Bolt! This innovative drop in system for bolt action sniper rifles is one of the coolest HPA upgrades for an airsoft replica on the market to date, and we want you guys to see more about it if you haven't yet!

Airsoftjunkiez Custom HPA Gun Videos

Airsoftjunkiez have posted two videos showing their custom HPA-powered airsoft guns on Facebook. The first one is the Airsoftjunkiez G&G N7 Milsim build and the second one is the Airsoftjunkiez Custom PSR 10 with Wolverine Bolt and High Pressure storm reg shooting 3.3j with .4g HPA.

Custom Krytac Trident Mk2 SPR HPA

Krytac Trident SPR MK2 AEG gets the HPA treatment by Airsoftjunkiez. The Airsoftjunkiez Custom Krytac Trident Mk2 SPR HPA Player Package comes with your choice of HPA Engine and they carry a good list from the well-known brands, including the Redline N7 engine. This can fire at 300-500fps on 0.20g BBs can spit out 20-33 BBs as configured.

USAirsoft: BAD AS5 HPA Rifle Review

USAirsoft looks into the Bingo Airsoft Designs AS5 HPA Rifle which he says is the weirdest airsoft gun he has reviewed... "The Bingo Airsoft Designs Advanced System 5 or AS5 is the world's first fully 3D printed airsoft gun that features some amazing elements that have not been implemented as of yet in any other airsoft gun.

Protech Airsoft Mk2.5 HPA Overview

The Amped Airsoft guys give an overview of the latest HPA Engine in the airsoft market, the Protech Airsoft MK2.5 HPA Drop-In Kit... "Matt and Anthony are in the studio today to bring you guys a quick look at the newest offering from Protech Airsoft, the Mk2.5! With so many upgrades and new systems hitting the market lately, do you think that the Mk2.5 can stand out on its own? Check out the video, give Protech Airsoft a gander and get your comments and questions in down below!"

Airsoftjunkiez Protech MK 2.5 Review

Airsoftjunkiez got another HPA engine to review, the Protech MK 2.5... " take on the new Protech MK2.5 Direct drop in Engine kit that replaces the internals of an AEG gearbox to convert it to a HPA setup. Features the only Patent pending air brake to allow soft loading of the BBs for more reliability and consistency."