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Redline N7 HPA Drop In Unit Overview

Here is an overview of the latest offering in HPA Airsoft, the RedLine N7 HPA Drop-in Kit, as done by Amped Airsoft... "Anthony is in the Amped studio today to give you guys a quick look at the brand new HPA offering from Redline Airsoft: The Redline N7, a true nozzle-forward biased system that may look like the other offerings on the market currently, but the function is quite different.

Wolverine Inferno Gen 2/Wraith Project Intro

Booligan Airsoft got another project and he will be using the Wirecutter SR47 from and power it with HPA engines from Wolverine Airsoft... "I loved the first gen Inferno in my SR47 Wirecutter build using parts from Evike. In the coming weeks, I'll be using the Gen 2 conversion kit and Wraith CO2 stock to trick it out even more!"

Gun Gamers: Should You HPA Tap Your GBB?

Interesting topic for the SpeedSim series of Gun Gamers as they talk about HPA tapping your gas blowback. We see airsofters doing it, and we do it for some target practice since the HPA can give a more constant supply of power source as compared to filling up gas mags always... "This week, E House and Andre discuss the pros and cons of HPA tapping your gas blowback airsoft gun."

Airsoftjunkiez Custom Salient Arms HPA Build

If you have been waiting for an HPA-powered EMG-SAI SBR with the Jailbrake Muzzle, then Airsoftjunkiez has what you need giving you the option on how you want it setup. The Airsoftjunkiez Custom Salient Arms HPA Build gives you a choice of HPA engines to use which they will drop in to an EMG SAI SBR body that has the Jailbrake Muzzle and comes with a GT1-style Red Dot Sight.

BB2K Airsoft: Begadi HW47 HPA PolarStar

Bruce of BB2K Airsoft got on his hands the HPA-powered Begadi HW47 that is based on the Lonex AK-47 body and PolarStar Airsoft for HPA engine. Find out what he thinks about it in this video review with English subtitles.. "I would like to introduce you the brand new BEGADI HW47. A Lonex AK47, upgraded to the POLARSTAR V3 Engine.

Amped Overview: Bingo Airsoft Designs AS5

Amped Airsoft gives us an overview of an HPA-powered airsoft rifle that was built in the USA, the Bingo Airsof Designs AS5 Rifle... "Anthony is in the studio to give you guys a quick look at the Bingo Airsoft Designs Advanced System 5 airsoft rifle! This unique, completely 3D-printed blaster is the next evolution of customization master mind Rudy of Bingo Airsoft Works!"

Red Army Airsoft: Proteus 2 HPA System

The HPA airsoft market will get a little more crowded if the HPA engines developed by the Russian HPA Protcustom get their products exported. Alexander of Red Army Airsoft features their Proteus 2 HPA Engine which he thinks is probably the most stable HPA airsoft system that is made in Russia.

Gun Gamers SpeedSim On HPA Systems

In this Gun Gamers SpeedSim episode, they tackle the issues with using HPA-systems why they are banned in some sites and how to properly regulate their use... "This week on SpeedSim, E House and Andre analyze the trend of banning the use of HPA airsoft systems outright that is still somehow going, and discuss how to effectively enforce a ruleset that limits problems."

Mancraft PDiK SVD Conversion Kit Review

Bassabu de Oscuria goes over the Mancraft PDiK Conversion Kit for the spring powered SVD airsoft rifle so it can be HPA-powered... "Opening, review and testing of Mancraft´s PDiK conversion kit to adapt a sping SVD Dragunov to the use of HPA or CO2."

Booligan: GBB Pistol CO2/HPA Conversion

Power your Gas Blowback Pistol with CO2 or HPA with the Advanced Novelty Tech Co2/Hpa Conversion Kit Fire which can be good for target practice. Booligan Airsoft tells more about this in this video... "If you have a CO2 powered replica like this Colt 1911 Rail Gun, you can now set it up for external HPA or CO2 use using this drop-in product!"