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Gun Gamers

Gun Gamers On Airsoft Cheater Videos

Do you think all these cheater videos being posted on YouTube by airsoft players help or help give a good impression about the hobby/sport? Here is Gun Gamers going into this issue and talk why they don't help... "Here's another fun discussion video from E House. Today, we talk about cheater videos in airsoft, and why they often do more harm than good."

Gun Gamers SpeedSim: How We Got Started

Gun Gamers talk about in this SpeedSim episode got started playing airsoft and what they plan on doing for the future... "Today, E House and Andre tell their stories of how they got into airsoft, and what led them to where they are today. Because it's fun, and why not?"

Gun Gamers: What Is ANSI Z87?

We're pretty sure that many airsoft players understand the importance of the the ANSI Z87 standard for eye protection. But in case you need a refresher, here is Gun Gamers with a video with this standard as the topic... "This week, Garrett goes all engineering nerd and explains what the Z87 standard is, and why it's important for airsoft eye protection."

Gun Gamers SpeedSim: Red Dot Sights

Gun Gamers discuss which Red Dot Sight to pick for your use in this episode of their SpeedSim Series... "Believe it or not, a red dot sight isn't just a red dot sight, and they are not all the same. There are several varieties, and each of them have their own advantages and disadvantages. So today on SpeedSim, we discuss those in detail!"

Gun Gamers: Vertx Gamut Plus Review

Kyle does a review of the Vertx Gamut Plus for Gun Gamers. Just like the original Gamut, it has top of the line features but has a bigger load capacity. A good choice for an EDC bag, it has grey trimmed elements, grey interior, discreet logo placement, and a velcro patch.

Gun Gamers: Everything Wrong With Krytac

A Krytac fan boy talks about everything wrong with Krytac in this Gun Gamers episode. Hold your fire if you disagree, an open mind is much more preferred... "Yep, I just made this video. I'm well aware I'm basically pulling the pin on a grenade, but if the ensuing explosion causes a fun conversation then I'll consider it a success."

Gun Gamers On The KWC 1911 Pistol

Gun Gamers talk about the KWC 1911's evolution over the years in this video... "A million different versions of the KWC 1911 exist, and have existed.  This week, E House discusses the differences and similarities between a few of them, and what has been updated since its wide release."

Gun Gamers: Thoughts On AI's XL Burst

The Gun Gamers got a sample of the XL Burst Grenade when they dropped by Airsoft Innovations at the SHOT Show 2017, here are their initial thoughts... "This week on SpeedSim, E House and Andre give their thoughts on the AIrsoft Innovations XL Burst grenade. Thanks to Airsoft Innovations for giving these to us at SHOT Show, be sure to check them out!"

Intro To Night Vision For Airsoft Gaming

Is it your first time to go for an airsoft game with night operations? If if it is, you are probably thinking getting a night vision device to function effectively and here is a video from Gun Gamers' Kyle on how to use one... "This week, Kyle goes over getting yourself set up to use night vision at MilSim and airsoft games. Enjoy!"

Gun Gamers On LBX Lock & Load Chest Rig

For this video, the Gun Gamers give their thoughts on the LBX Tactical Lock and Load Chest Rig. This is an affordable chest rig that comes with four dual M4 magazines that are secured by hook and loop flap and has additional pouches for goggles, batteries, and grenades... "Today, Garrett goes over his thoughts on the LBX Lock and Load chest rig. Enjoy!"