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Gun Gamers

Gun Gamers: Tasmanian Tiger MkII Chest Rig

So what do the Gun Gamers think about the Tasmanian Tiger MkII Chest Rig? This is one of the best chest rigs we actually use and it's really a well made chest rig. Will E House think otherwise? Watch the video... "This week, E House gives his thoughts on the Tasmanian Tiger MkII chest rig for airsoft gaming. Enjoy!"

Gun Gamers SpeedSim: Hi-Capa Maintenance

The Hi-Capa pistol is the most bought and customised airsoft pistol, especially that it is the preferred pistol by competitive shooters. In this video of Gun Gamers SpeeSim Series, they show you how to clean and maintain this pistol to ensure that it performs as required... "This week on SpeedSim, Andre talks to you about how he cleans and maintains his Hi Capas after each game. Enjoy!"

Gun Gamers SpeedSim: 400 FPS Phenomenon

Is this just a US-centric phenomenon? Or is it also seen in other countries? Gun Gamers, in their SpeedSim series, discuss this which of course will open up to debate for other players, though we always want to err on the side of safety... "This week on SpeedSim, E House and Andre discuss what they call the '400 FPS Phenomenon.' Enjoy!"

Gun Gamers On The Tippmann M4

The Tippmann M4, an HPA-powered blowback airsoft rifle that has been in the airsoft market for sometime gets in the hands of Gun Gamers who give their thoughts on this product for this video... "So I got this Tippmann M4 sent to me for review.  I told the guys at Tippmann that I would be honest with my opinions.  Give the video a watch to find out what those are..."

Gun Gamers SpeedSim: SpeedSoft vs. MilSim

What is SpeedSoft and what is Milsim? Gun Gamers talk about these two segments in the airsoft gaming in this episode of their SpeedSim series... "This week on SpeedSim, E House and Andre celebrate our upcoming 3,000 subscriber milestone by finally doing the episode we all knew was coming… a straight up comparison of what we like and dislike about MilSim and SpeedSoft. This should be interesting.

Gun Gamers: Why You Should Own A Chrono

In any serious airsoft player's list of guns, gear and kit, there is something that is important but is often left off --- the chrono. Some rely on the poor man's chrono using a Coke can, or just wing it with the airsoft field's chrono, hoping their guns meet the site's fps limits. Gun Gamers recommend in owning one, especially that there are cheaper and accurate chronos available nowadays.

Gun Gamers SpeedSim: Hi-Capa Setup

It's back to the Hi-Capa Pistol again for the Gun Gamers in this SpeedSim episode. E House and Andre show their Hi-Capa setups and how they customised them... "This week, E House and Andre briefly walk you through a couple of their Hi Capa setups, and why they use certain accessories. Enjoy!"

Gun Gamers On Airsoft And Fitness

No question about it, you have to be fit to play airsoft. But it would be nice to hear more about it from the Gun Gamers as they give tips to be in shape to keep up with other airsoft players running all over the game field... "This week on Gun Gamers, E House and Cory discuss how your physical fitness affects your game on the airsoft field, and how you can improve it to optimize your performance."

Gun Gamers: Follow Up On Armorer Works

More on the Armorer Works Hi-Capa Pistol Series as Gun Gamers look into parts compatibility on this episode of their SpeedSim series... "This week on SpeedSim, E House and Andre spread some more data that they've gathered in regards to the Armorer Works Hi Capa series. Enjoy, and be sure to leave your own experiences in the comments below!"

Gun Gamers SpeedSim: Battle Belt Setup

We're back again to the SpeedSim series of Gun Gamers and they cover the setup for airsoft battle belts. How about yours? Have you put one yourself or you want to learn from them on how to put one together. Watch the video below... "This week on SpeedSim, E House and Andre walk you through how they have their battle belts set up, and why."