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Gas Blowback

Complete Guide To GBB Upgrades Part 1

Something for you to bookmark if you are planning to do upgrades on your gas blowback. TopHatRunner Airsoft now has part 1 of the Complete Guide to Upgrading Airsoft GBB online and this covers gas magazines and springs. This is a three-part video so there are two more videos to be produced.

Impulse 101: KSC Beretta M9A3 GBB

Japan-based airsoft retailer, Impulse 101, has posted photos of the upcoming KSC Beretta M9A3 Gas Blowback Pistol on Facebook. Pistol will be available either end of 2017 or start of 2018 according to them... "The Japanese manufacturer KSC is now planning the release of a Beretta M9A3 GBB model!

Umarex HK45CT Preview & Mag Compatibility

Video posted by Airsoft Taiwan last week gives us a preview of the Umarex HK45CT GBB Pistol. OEM by VFC and available now at airsoft retailers in Asia and Europe, this is a compact version of the HK45 which can be too big for some. They also a test of magazine compatibility so you can know what magazine to purchase to go with it.

Bunny Custom Noveske 3Gun "SCARLETT" GBB

Bunny Workshop saw red when they built this custom gun. The Bunny Custom Noveske 3Gun "SCARLETT" Gas Blowback Rifle is based on WE M4 GBB System. The furniture it uses are the Angry Noveske Gen III Body Kit, Angry Multi-Length 300 Blackout Outer Barrel set, Magpul PTS PRS Sniper Stock, Mafioso CNC Steel Bolt Carrier for WE M4 GBB, and the Magpul MIAD GEN 1.1 Grip.

Evike: WE-Tech 1911 Hex Cut Gen.2

We got a Hex epidemic as we see all these new products for airsoft coming out with Hex patterns as well as other patterns that manufacturers find "cool". In this video shows the WE-Tech 1911 Hex Cut Gen. 2 Gas Blowback Pistol, a full metal airsoft pistol that has Hex patterned cuts and serrations for a unique look.

WE Airsoft IREX GBB Pistol Review

Ryan Requadox reviews a customised version of the WE IREX Gas Blowback Pistol. Part of the REX Line of WE, this is a gas blowback pistol based on the Hi-Capa gas blowback pistol and this uses a stronger recoil spring and shorter stroker buffer for better cylic rate and realistic recoil... "Today, I am reviewing the W.E IRex Custom Gas Blowback Pistol (GBB). Mainly an IPSC pistol, but can be used for skirmishing, is based on a Hi-Capa."

Evike: APS Action Combat Carbine Kit

The APS Action Combat Carbine Conversion Kit which allows you to turn your APS Black Hornet Pistol into a Carbine is in stock at This allows you improved stability and accuracy when shooting and a top flat 20mm rail provides opportunities to mount weapons accessories such as optics. The stock is adjustable, has QD sling points, and ambidextrous charging handle.

KJ Works KP-13-MS GBB Urban Grey

The gas version of the KJ Works KP-13-MS Urban Grey Blowback Pistol is in stock right now at RedWolf Airsoft. This has been available for sometime now at other airsoft retailers but you can order it from RedWolf for a good price of US$89.99...

APS XCAP GBB Pistol Accuracy

Two videos from APS showing the accuracy of their APS XCAP Dual-Powered Gas Blowback Pistol which means it can be powered with Green Gas and CO2. First video shows how far it will be able to shoot, from 5 metres to over 25 metres. Second video is its accuracy using Green Gas to power the pistol with 10inch by 16inch plate placed at 25 metres being the target.

eHobby Asia: New Army Armament R30s

It looks like Army Armament are getting a bit more creative with their offerings given that airsoft manufactures are just putting out design tweaks on airsoft guns. eHobby Asia posted photos of two Army Armament R30s which are 1911 Gas Blowback Pistols that have their slides cut for some patterns with one which is curiously looks like a KeyMod. No idea what R30 versions they are called, but we'll probably know soon enough as soon as eHobby Asia got them in stock.