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Eye Protection

Gun Gamers: What Is ANSI Z87?

We're pretty sure that many airsoft players understand the importance of the the ANSI Z87 standard for eye protection. But in case you need a refresher, here is Gun Gamers with a video with this standard as the topic... "This week, Garrett goes all engineering nerd and explains what the Z87 standard is, and why it's important for airsoft eye protection."

US$20 & Under Lancer Tactical Goggles

Lancer Tactical offers some of the more affordable eye protection in airsoft. Find out more about them in this video... "Overview of some of the airsoft goggles offered by Lancer Tactical. All of these goggles are available for $20 or less! So check them out at your favorite airsoft retailer!

Here are the goggles we cover in this video:

Nuprol Eye Pro At Landwarrior Airsoft

Landwarrior Airsoft sends news that they got the eye protection products from Nuprol in stock... "Land Warrior Airsoft have just received the new Nuprol range of eye protection in stock. All of these glasses feature anti-fog scratch resistant lenses, UV400 protection, CE EN166 certified, and come with an elastic headband for added retention.

LWA offer UK shipping from ​£5.99, Europe from £9.99 and rest of world from £29.99!"

How To Change DYE i4 Mask Lenses

DYE i4 is a familiar full face mask or eye protection amongst paintballers and airsoft players in the USA and there is a way to change lenses to fit the lighting conditions of the game site. All Star Airsoft shows you how to do this yourself in just 3 minutes.

Taktikal Triple Lens Airsoft Goggles

Taktik Airsoft, based in Montreal in Quebec, Canada announced their new Taktikal Triple Lens Airsoft Goggles. The name itself is something to consider as the package includes three anti-fog, impact resistant lens... "Finally after many months of research and testing we are proud to present the new Taktik goggles.

Airsoftology: DYE i4 Goggle & Mask Review

For those looking into getting a full face mask to use for airsoft games, here is a video by Airsoftology in which Jonathan Higgs reviews the DYE i4 Goggle & Mask... "We're taking a look at the most recognizable mask in airsoft and examining the Dye i4 in this episode of Airsoftology reviews."

Booligan: TinyWind UV400 Goggles w/ Fan

Booligan Airsoft goes over the fan-equipped goggles for airsoft avaialble on Tiny Wind. The lens are clear and provide full eye protection with the fan to act as anti-fogging device to keep the lens clear of moisture that will cloud vision. Find out if it is something that you want to invest on for eye protection.

DICE Airsoft: Good Eyepro Vs Bad Eyepro

It's safety this time from DICE Airsoft, and it is about good versus bad eye protection. We will always post videos like this just to remind players on the importance of eye safety in airsoft... "Short video today, where I go over and test two very different examples of eyepro, one which is not rated for Ballistic Impact, and one that is!

Don't cheap out on your eye protection. Eyeballs don't grow back."

Evike Revision Exoshield Low-Profile Goggles

At first glance this protective eyewear from Revision Military will remind you of anothe product from a competitor, but nevetherless, it will perform just like it, protecting your eyes from BBs and other projectiles. The Revision Exoshield Low-Profile Goggles can now be ordered from "Extreme low-profile defense for fast-moving, dynamic missions; designed by special operators for special operations.

New ESS Ballistic Crowbar Sunglasses

ESS recently released their Crowbar Ballistic Sunglasses with its Rapid Lens Exchange capability... "Meet the lightweight and durable Crowbar interchangeable-lens sunglass from ESS. Featuring a frameless bottom lens design and innovative Lens Gate that makes lens exchanges quicker and field of view greater than ever. The military-grade polycarbonate lens material delivers crisp optics, plus a broad range of ballistic protection.