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Operation Takedown At Hollywood Sports Park

Footage from of the Operation Takedown which took place at the Hollywood Sports Park last 23 April 2017. A 10-hour event, this pitted Jet DesertFox as the leader of the Special Forces against Dee Moe and his Zombie Elite. Find out if there was a winner of the event in the video below:

Evike [The Gun Corner]: Amoeba Striker S1

The Ares Airsoft Amoeba Striker S1 Airsoft Sniper Rifle is in stock at and at a good price of US$119.00... "This is the latest 2017 version of the ARES Striker sniper rifle that is an all time hot product in Asia and Europe for over a year before it is now finally landed in USA! Aside from the safety drop test being conducted and tested, the 'AMOEBA' vision is for this rifle to be constantly evolving, with a ton of upgrade and customization parts!

Evike [The Gun Corner]: KWA H&K USP Match

Up next on's "The Gun Corner" series is the Heckler & Koch USP Match Gas Blowback Pistol... "Pistols with the word 'Match' in their name are a dime a dozen, almost every handgun manufacturer on the planet produces a "Match" variation of one, or all, of their pistols. But despite the similarity, in name only, not all Match pistols are created equally. The Heckler and Koch USP match is the pinnacle of factory produced competition guns.

Unicorn Leah At Evike Airsoft Trading Post

More footage of's The Airsoft Trading Post that took place last 15 April 2017. This time it is from Unicorn Leah with her guest, Femme Fatale Airsoft... "Behind the scenes at the trading post in Alhambra, CA. See what kind of guns and gear are for sale at these events, get a tour of the Evike store, and get a glimpse of Jet DesertFox's other hobby: skateboarding. Plus, Unicorn Leah and Femme Fatale Airsoft (Kelly) learn to ride a skateboard for the first time.

EMG/SAI 2011 DS Airsoft Pistols Pre-Order are now taking pre-orders for the EMG-SAI 2011 DS Airsoft Training Pistols. Available inn 5.1 and 4.3 versions, these are expected to be in stock in July 2017... "EMG has extended their collaboration with the Salient Arms and is proud to release the Salient Arms x EMG DS 2011 collaboration Airsoft Training pistol.

Evike NSRT With FFA & Unicorn Leah

It's Ladies' Night, or Day, depending on the time Episode 118 of's "Not So Round Table" Talk Show was recorded. Matt and George got two famous women in airsoft as guests, Unicorn Leah who is regular guest, and Femme Fatale Airsoft who flew in from the UK to have experience American Airsoft and share her UK experiences across the pond.

Angel Custom Diesel Amplifier System

Now we have more options in getting sound amplifiers that we can use on our airsoft guns with the Angel Custom Diesel Amplifier System in stock at Choose what markings you want to go with it... "Some players like to be sneaky and stealthy, keeping to the shadows and eliminating their foe without them even knowing where the shot came from. Others however, do not.

Evike [The Gun Corner]: Cybergun P90 GBB

Matt talks about the Cybergun FNH P90 Gas Blowback PDW that is available in black and tan at the online store... "The FN Licensed Airsoft P90 accurately replicates the great handling and ergonomics of the real P90 with its fully ambidextrous control layout and comfortable grip. Just like the actual P90, the FN Licensed Airsoft replica consists of a durable reinforced polymer frame with metal barrel and upper assembly.

Evike On Their Agreement With Krytac

You have already heard the news before as Krytac issued out a press release announcing the is now their exclusive distributor of Krytac products in the U.S.A. This means that resellers will get their wholesale purchases of Krytac stuff from Here is a video they posted to explain it further.

Evike's The Airsoft Trading Post News

Video from that showed airsoft players trading with one another last 15 April 2015 at The Airsoft Trading Post... "Thank you to everyone that has attended our quarterly Airsoft Trading Post.  Hundreds of airsofters got the chance to buy and sell some awesome guns, parts and gear! Stay tuned for our next Airsoft Trading Post update."