Airsoft Meetup At The IWA Outdoor Classics 2017

Mingle with the airsoft industry and media during the Airsoft Meetup at the IWA Outdoor Classics 2017.

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Enola Gaye

DesertFox SHOT Show 2017: Enola Gaye

Check out what DesertFox Airsoft saw at the Enola Gaye booth during the SHOT Show 2017... "We're in Las Vegas, Nevada for SHOT Show 2017.  SHOT Show is the world's largest shooting, hunting, outdoors trade show. Airsoft at SHOT Show has been on the rise the last few years and every year we try to cover all the new, most useful and coolest stuff.

Unicorn Leah: Enola Gaye Airsoft Grenades

Something to watch as Unicorn Leah wants to find out why the new products from Enola Gaye cannot be sold at airsoft stores as she visits their booth during the SHOT Show 2017... "We find out the real story as to why Enola Gaye can't distribute their new line of explosives to airsoft stores.

Enola Gaye EG18X Yellow Smoke Grenade

Check out the output of the Enola Gaye EG18X Yellow Smoke Grenade in this video... "Frontline design from the Enola Gaye Smoke Grenade company, the EG18X will go beyond what you expect from a smoke grenade. Pull the ring to the side and yellow smoke will bellow from the top of this device. Fitted with our Wire Pull™ ignition system.

Enola Gaye Mil-X Smoke Overview

Bombup Airsoft gets to the Enola Gaye Mil-X Smoke Grenade in their overview series. With the Mil-X designation, this means that this smoke is a military grade smoke grenade and is made by 3rd Light, Enolay Gaye's parent company and this mimics the current issue smoke ignition system.

Enola Gaye WP40 In Stock At Airsoft Atlanta

The Wirepull WP40 grenades from Enola Gaye are available at Airsoft Atlanta for offline ordering... "Enola Gaye WP40 smoke grenades are perfect for airsoft. Easy 'wire pull' style.  With a very low amount of ignition, they are Georgia legal under current fireworks laws. Multiple colors available! To use, simply pull the wire tab out sideways (do not pull straight up, that will break it) as to produce friction inside the grenade.

Enola Gaye EG67 Review By Airsoft Grenadier

We see the Airsoft Grenadier into action of reviewing grenades for use in airsoft. He reviews the new Enola Gaye EG67 Ball Grenade for this video... "The latest Enola Gaye Airsoft Grenade. This time an awesome little ring pull ball grenade based on the M67 Ball Grenade.

Filmed on location at Section 8 Airsoft, Scotland."

New Arrivals At Airsoft Megastore

For the first week of the new year, Airsoft Megastore announce new arrivals from some of the well-known brands in airsoft. The arrivals are from Airsoft Innovations, Allen Company, Code Red Headsets, Cannae, and Enola Gaye... "Check out these 5 awesome new brands available right now at"

Enola Gaye: Price Increase Next Week

As previously warned before, Enola Gaye will finally raise their prices due to the effect of the falling pound after the Brexit referendum... "Dear Customer, from next week we are afraid to say that we have to implement a price increase as a result of the falling pound against the dollar.

Robo Gear Review: Enola Gaye - EG18X

The high output EG18X Smoke Grenade from Enola Gaye gets reviewed by Robo-Airsoft in this video... "In this edition of Robo-Reviews, I introduce you to the Enola Gaye EG18X in the new Charcoal/Black color. The EG18X has the same amount of composition as the Military/LE MIL-X product, meaning it pumps out a LOT of smoke.

LWA: Enola Gaye Pyros Now In Stock

Pyros to make your airsoft games have some smoke-filled and fragged fun from Enola Gaye can now be ordered from Landwarrior Airsoft. You get to choose which colour and smoke output from their smokes as well as frag grenades for room clearing... "LWA are now stocking Enola Gaye pyrotechnics, including the newly released EG67 BB frag grenade.