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DesertFox Airsoft

DesertFox Airsoft In Aruba: Jungle Sniper

If you want to play airsoft in Aruba as well as enjoy the sun and the beach, there is an Aruba Airsoft Tours being promoted by DesertFox Airsoft. How about that? Airsoft tourism can be a good industry to look into... "Today I'm playing airsoft in Aruba for Operation: Guest hosted by Aruba Airsoft Adventures and Hot Triggers Paintball and Airsoft Field.

DesertFox: Rostov Rising Firing Position

DesertFox Airsoft talks about the firing position they had during Rostov Rising, a Milsim event organised by Milsim West that took place last 10-12 March 2017 in Clovis, California... "A brief description of the fighting position my squad and I dug at our patrol base during Milsim West Rostov Rising."

DesertFox: Revelations 7 - We Got Robbed

More of the "Open World" airsoft event hosted by Ballahack Airsoft called Revelations 7. DesertFox Airsoft shows the various roles played by the participants where almost anything goes in this event for one player to survive. It is something that other airsoft organisers can look into to give some game variety for airsoft players.

DesertFox's Seize Grozny Epic Trailer

Trailer of Seize Grozny from DesertFox Airsoft as he joined in this intensive milsim event organised by Milsim West last 27-29 January 2017 in Mississippi... "Milsim West Seize Grozny is a 40 hour milsim or military simulation airsoft game. This airsoft game was held at Camp Shelby in Mississippi.

To know more about Milsim West events watch this video."

DesertFox: Revelations 7 - Death Laser

We continue with DesertFox Airsoft's coverage fo the Revelations 7 as he's got another footage called "Death Laser". Revelations 7 is an open world airsoft event that took place at Ballahack Airsoft in Virginia. This is an open game as players can make alliances, raise armies, wage war, and whateve they want to survive or become heroes.

Pointblank Shoot Incident At Iron Horse 2

Cut Throat Contracting posted this video on YouTube about an incident during American Milsim's Iron Horse 2 in which Jet DesertFox was allegedly involved in a pointblank full auto shooting a player's face... "'I'm going to knock you the f*** out' is the first thing you can hear Evike Miguel say to my Cut Throat Teammate Buzz 95 after he was just full auto'd in the face by Jet The Desert Fox at point blank range.

DesertFox: Revelations 7 - The Cure

Another video by DesertFox Airsoft from the Revelations 7 event that took place at Ballahack Airsoft. It is an interesting game format which can be chaotic for some but looks like something that everyone will have fun... "Revelations 7 is an open world airsoft event held at Ballahack Airsoft in Chesapeake, Virginia. There are no set teams, the game is completely open to what you make of it. If you want to raise an army and massacre other players, you can.

DesertFox Airsoft & Unicorn Leah LIVE

Well, not really as this is already a recording of their live show that they conducted earlier. They announce the events that they will be attending for 2017 so if you want to meet them, better check the airsoft event near you where they will be playing in... "Jet DesertFox and Unicorn Leah talk about what events they'll be attending this year and why there hasn't been any videos this week on this channel."

DesertFox Airsoft TTT: Battle Field Pick Up

More on the gameplay videos with the Trouble In Terrorist Town game with the Node crew and friends by DesertFox Airsoft... "Round 3 of Trouble in Terrorist Town with NODE.  I have to use a nerf gun for killing a fellow innocent, Miguel.  Although, Miguel also killed a fellow innocent but did not get punished nor called out for it."

DesertFox Airsoft TTT Gameplay: Police Bribe

DesertFox Airsoft joins up with NODE for another round of Trouble In Terrorist Town gameplay and he brings a long a HK45 Gas Blowback Pistol this time... "Trouble in Terrorist is back! Trouble in Terrorist Town returns at TAC City in Fullerton, California. During these Trouble in Terrorist Town rounds we are playing with Nate and Alex from Stress Level 0.  Miguel and Chris from My awesome wife Unicorn Leah. Sam, Niko and D from NODE.