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Brain Exploder

Brain Exploder: Op Devil Dog Part 3

Brain Exploder posts the third gameplay video of the Lion Claws Operation Devil Dog, the first milsim event he has attended... "Part 3 on the second day of the OP Devil Dog the weather is less than ideal at the start of the match with heavy winds and mild rain but gets progressively better as the day goes on and it seems like my Silverback SRS gets exponentially better and the run is capped off with a 4 for 5 shoot fest as we put the enemy team down for good and win the day and the OP."

Brain Exploder: Op Devil Dog Part 2

Part 2 of Brain Exploder's first milsim experience as he joined in the Lion Claws Operation Devil Dog... "Part 2 of the gameplay focuses on the Krytac SPR/CRB hybrid despite the SRS hanging on my back no good opportunities to snipe present themselves to me so having two capable guns I am forced to move house to house with my squad and my Krytac."

Brain Exploder's First Milsim Experience

The Brain Exploder finally gets to taste Milsim as he goes to an event organised by Lion Claws... "After 10 years of airsoft I am finally getting into the whole milsim side of things and it's very addictive. Check out my journey and some of the unexpected obstacles as well as how my expectations compared with reality.

OP Devil Dog Milsim Gameplay Part 1

First part of the Brain Exploder's Milsim experience during the Lion Claws Operation Devil Dog event last 17-19 February 2017... "My first trip to a milsim game and I came prepared rocking both an M4 and a Sniper Rifle creating a new category called the Assault Sniper. Event is O.L.C.M.S.S. Operation Devil Dog K2 2017."

Simple Airsoft M4 Upgrades: Inner Barrel

The Brain Exploder starts his Simple Airsoft Upgrades with Part 1 being Inner Barrels... "Taking you through some simple upgrades that can greatly improve any gun and don't require a degree in mechanical engineering.

Brain Exploder Tries Out Novritsch BBs

The Brain Exploder tries out the BBs under the Novritsch brand with his Silverback SRS sniper rifle... "Big thanks to Novritsch for sending me a couple of 555 bottles to try out. These BBs are pure white and I had no feeding issues. The little curve you see is a combination of wind and my gun shooting a tad hooked, I hope to work out the little kink and get it laser like."

Brain Exploder: Tac City 3Gun Practice

The Brain Exploder is readying himself for some 3Gun competitive action next month... "Couple of quick runs through one of the upcoming stages at the Tac City 3 Gun Competition coming March 5th. Keep an eye out on the Tac City website for more info."

Brain Exploder: GBLS DAS M4 Gameplay

The Brain Exploder takes the GBKS DAS M4A1 for a game in part three of this most realistic operating AEG made in South Korea... "This is where the rubber meets the road, gameplay test of the GBLS DAS M4. Loaded up with Krytac 0.28G bbs I take the gun to the field at Jungle Island airsoft. The results are fairly clear but all hope is not lost.

Airsoft Crazy Tourist Tackle & Drag

Some crazy moments as the Brain Exploder goes into action with the Silverback SRS FAST Hop-Up installed on his SRS sniper rifle... "After over a year I finally have my Silverback SRS setup to my liking. The last piece of the puzzle was the new Silverback FAST hopup unit. This in combination with a miracle barrel and the s-hop mod has made the gun shoot very consistent with the majority of the shots going exactly where the crosshairs are aimed.

Brain Exploder: SRS FAST Hopup Demo

It looks like the Brain Exploder found the best hop-up setup for his Silverback Airsoft SRS... "After trying several combinations of barrels, hop up variants (r-hop, flat hop, traditional, s-hop), nubs and even hop up units I think I might finally have the perfect combo.