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Ares Airsoft

Amoeba Octarms 13.5" AEG At eHobby Asia

The Amoeba (ARES) Octarms 13.5" AEG in Dark Earth colour is in stock at eHobby Asia. Featuring the programmable EFCS Metal Gearbox (programming box sold separately), it has the Octarms Tactical KeyMod Handguard, 6-position RCS, and metal outer barrel with the cookie-cutter type flash hider which they call the "Shield Crusher.

Amoeba AM-015 AEG At eHobby Asia

Still another of the Amoeba Airsoft AEGs that eHobby Asia got in stock and it is the more compact Amoeba AM-015 that comes with in two colour schemes, black and tan. Just like the other Amoeba AEGs, this has the Electronic Firing Control System (EFCS) that can be programmed by using the Ares EFCS Programmer that is sold separately.

Amoeba AM-014 AEG At eHobby Asia

eHobby Asia also has the AM-014 AEG from Amoeba Airsoft, the second AEG in the "Not a Honey Badger" series released by the company and have become hot sellers... "The improved 3rd generation Electronic Firing Control System (EFCS) can withstand around 30A firing current and provide better piston cycle position which ensures more steady firing speed and prolongs spring longevity.

Amoeba (ARES) AM-014 Airsoft Assualt Rifle AEG

Amoeba AM-013 AEG At eHobby Asia

The first of the "Not a Honey Badger" line of AEGs from Amoeba Airsoft, the AM-013, is again in stock at eHobby Asia and you can choose between the Black and Tan colour... "AM-013 assault rifle employs a new foregrip design to adapt modern rifle shooting method as well as light weight modular rail system which allows a wide array of optional accessories such as lights, lasers etc.

Amoeba M4 CCC AEG At eHobby Asia

eHobby Asia announce the availability of the Amoeba M4 CCC Tactical AEG Pistol at their online store. Available in Black and Dark Earth, this is a High Performance Assembled Electric Powered Airsoft Pistol AEG with Nylon Fiber and Metal Construction. Its fire mode selector lever indicates Safety/Semi-auto/Full-auto positions.

Amoeba AS0-1 Advanced Butt & Cheek Pads

Ares Airsoft sends in news about their newly release product for their Amoeba Striker AS0-1 Sniper Rifle designed to make it more comfortable to use. Check with your favourite retailer when they are going to have these in stock... "We are pleased to announce that AMOEBA Tactical Advanced Butt Pad and Cheek Pad are released and ready for shipment.

The key features are:

BB2K Airsoft: ARES L1A1 SLR Review

Bruce of BB2K Airsoft takes an iconic rifle of the British for this video review, the Ares L1A1 SLR AEG... "The L1A1 SLR and the FN FAL are among the classics of weapon technology. It is one of the top 10 weapons of the world. 'The Right Arm of the Free World"' has been implemented by ARES perfectly in airsoft and thought of all the subtleties. Only a GBB would increase this replica's value even further."

USAirsoft: Ares-Umarex G36 AEG Review

Review from USAirsoft covers the Ares/Umarex fully licensed G36 AEG which he finds to be a good AEG to use in the field... "This is my most exciting addition to my collection, I'm really stoked to have it here and laying down the game at any field with this G36 is just way too much fun.

Surplus Store: Amoeba Striker AS01 Review

Crawley Surplus Store post their first review for 2017, and it is about the Amoeba Striker AS01 Sniper Rifle... "Back again after our Christmas break Dan pulls apart the newest sniper on the block and sees what makes it tick. He's taken a look at both the rifle as a whole and address the rumoured problems with the short pull.

Gun Gamers: Amoeba Striker AS01

The Gun Gamers finally get their hands on the Striker AS01 Sniper Rifle from Amoeba Airsoft at the Elite Force booth during the SHOT Show 2017... "E House and Andre got hands on with the new Amoeba Striker sniper rifle system being distributed by Elite Force, and they give you all the information they have. Enjoy!"