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Ares Airsoft Amoeba Striker S1 Upgrade

We're seeing a pretty good number of videos on the Ares Airsoft Amoba Strike S1 Bolt Action Sniper Rifle. For those interested in upgrading it, Bespoke Airsoft shows you how to do it... "How to disassemble the gun to either replace or upgrade the barrel and hop up rubber."

Ares L1A1 SLR Wood Edition Released

Instead of getting the wood kit for your new edition of the Ares Airsoft L1A1 SLR, why not get the Ares L1A1 SLR Wood Edition itself as it has been released? Less hassle of putting the wood kit yourself... "New Product release : We proud to announce that L1A1 SLR Wooden edition is released. For the details, pls. visit our website ( or check with your local retailers."

Bunny Review: Amoeba Striker AS01

The Bunny Reviews have been on overdrive lately and here it their review of the Amoeba Striker AS01 Sniper Rifle that is available at the Bunny Workshop online store... "Ares Amoeba 'STRIKER' S1 Sniper Rifle (Black) is an Airsoft 6mm BB Sniper Rifle designed by ARES as the ultimate starter Entry Range Rifle. The Rifle is constructed with a Polymer Body, Stock and Magazine with an Alloy Rail, Barrel, Trigger System, Internals and Rail.

Scoutthedoggie: Ares Amoeba Striker S1

The Ares Airsoft Amoeba Striker S1 Sniper Rifle is seen in action at Section 8 in Scotland as shown in this video by Scoutthedoggie... "Young players are not featured enough in my videos, so here's 16 year old Sean & his friends at Section8, Sean is using the Ares Amoeba Striker S1 sniper rifle. With no upgrades, 1 of 600+ airsoft videos."

Amoeba Striker S1 Takedown & Tuning

Previously, we posted photos sent in by Alexander of Red Army Airsoft of totally disassembled Ares Amoeba Airsoft Striker S1 Sniper Rifle. For those curious how it was disassembled, here is a video showing the takedown and also tuning of airsoft sniper rifle.

Upgrade Spring For AMOEBA Striker S1

Ares Airsoft are coming out with more upgrade parts for the Amoeba airsoft line and for the newly released Amoeba Striker S1 (AS-01) Sniper Rifle, they announce an upgrade... "We are glad to inform you that new product, power spring, are released for shipment, that is used for AMOEBA Striker Sniper (AS-01).

The main features are :

Battery Extension For AM-016 Announced

Good news to owners of the Amoeba AM-016 AEG who want to install a bigger and higher capacity on the AEG at the buffer tube area, Ares Airsoft just announced the Amoeba Battery Extension for the AM-016 so check with your retailers when they are going to have this in stock. Also, check out the upcoming accessories below... "We are pleased to announce that AMOEBA had released a new part – Battery Extension buffer tube (AM-ES-M, AM-ES-L) for AM-016 AEG rifle.

Amoeba CCR & ASG P09 Duty Gameplay

A link to a gameplay video the Spanish Language Tactical Shirts Airsoft was sent to us early this week and this shows the Ares Airsoft Amoeba CCR and the ASG CZ P09 Duty Pistol in action... "Today we are playing in District 9. In the video use as primary replica for a CCR Amoeba Ares and as a secondary one P-09 Duty ASG!"

Airsoft GI: Amoeba Striker S1 Overview

The Amoeba AS-01 or the Striker SR Sniper Rifle is slowly being put in the shelves of airsoft retailers world wide with Europe and Asia already announcing availability. An ergonomic and modular airsoft sniper rifle, it has adjustable butt pads, replaceable finger grove front grip panel, replaceable cheek rest, and of course it is a bolt-action rifle. Airsoft GI will be having this in stock soon and here Josh gives us an overview.

Ares Airsoft MSR & MCM700X Upgrade

Budding airsoft snipers wanting to be like Novritsch can follow this tuning guide for the Ares Airsoft MSR and MCM700X Sniper Rifles... "A turorial on how to install tuning parts into an MSR MS-338 and MS-700 and MCM700X by Ares. Find out more about Novritsch Tuning kits."