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Amped Airsoft

ASG Franchi SPAS 12 Shotgun Overview

In this Amped Overview episode, Matt of Amped Airsoft features the ASG Franchi SPAS 12 spring powered airsoft shotgun. This has a triple barrel design that shoots 3 BBs out when fired. This has a metal barrel, metal magazine tube, and fixed metal sights... "Matt gives us a quick overview of the ASG Spas 12, not only is it a cool gun, its also great for recreating your favorite dinosaur themed movie."

LBX 0310 Wheeled Loadout Bag Overview

A bag that airsoft playes may want to look into for carrying their gear to an airsoft field, the LBX 0310 which comes with wheels, is featured in this Amped Airsoft overview... "For this episode of Amped Overviews, Matt is outside the Amped Warehouse to give you guys a look at one of our favorite equipment transport options for all your gear: The LBX 0310 Large Wheeled Load Out Bag! If you're looking for one bag to hold everything you need for a weekend of pew time, look no more!

Op Southern Spear Roleplaying

Roleplaying extravaganza at the Centurion Airsoft Operation Southern Spear as covered by Amped Airsoft... "Check out a short game play video from Centurion Airsoft's Op: Southern Spear, featuring a heavy dose of role playing in this milsim style airsoft event, hosted by a group of US Mililtary special forces veterans!"

NcStar VISM 1.1-4x Short Dot Scope Review

An episode of Amped Airsoft Honest Guys Review series cover short dot scope from NcStar... "Matt is joined by Chris (aka OP Airsoft of Instagram fame) to bring you guys a Honest Guys Review of the NC Star VISM 1.1-4x Short Dot Scope! If you're looking for one of the most flexible types of optics giving you up close as well as distant sighting capabilities, make sure to check this site out!"

How To Reload AI XL Burst Grenade

After an overview of the Airsoft Innovations XL Burst Impact Sound Grenade, Amped Airsoft move on to their Pleb to Pro series where they show you how to reload it... "Pleb to Pro: How to Series is a series of instructional videos from Amped Airsoft helping players from all walks of the game with questions they have regarding Airsoft! Stay tuned for more helpful info!

Amped Overview: AI XL Burst Grenade

Amped Airsoft got in stock the new Airsoft Innovations XL Burst Sound Grenade and here is their video overview... "Matt is in the Amped studio today to show off the brand new distraction grenade from Airsoft Innovations, the XL Burst Impact Sound Grenade!

PTS Mega Arms Wedge Lock Overview

Amped Airsoft's Amped Overwiew series go over the PTS Mega Arms Wedge Lock Rail System designed for airsoft rifles for this episode... "For this episode of Amped Overviews, Matt is in the Amped Media office since our studio is a wreck right now, bringing you guys an overview of the new PTS Mega Arms Licensed Wedge Lock Rail! PTS is always at the top of the game bringing you guys weapon accessories, and they didn't disappoint on this rail at all!

Amped Custom Tippmann IGL Overview

Amped Airsoft got a new custom product they have for the Tippmann M4 HPA-powered airsoft gun... "Matt is in the studio today to announce yet another awesome new Amped Custom product: The Tippmann IGL (Integral Grip Line)! This line gives Tippmann M4 uses added flexibility with their remote line, and as with any Amped Custom HPA product, is built to the highest of standards, right here in Pittsburgh, PA!"

Cerakote Available At Amped Airsoft

Amped Airsoft announce that they now have Custom Cerakote Sservice available at their store... "Matt is joined in the studio by Dan the Man, our new Cerakote specialist/evil chemist, to make an official announcement to you all that Amped Airsoft now offers a complete Cerakote service, right in house at our warehouse in Pittsburgh, PA!

ASG Scorpion EVO Inferno Overview

Amped Airsoft gives us an overview of the ASG Scorpio EVO Inferno Edition, a collaboration between ASG and Wolverine Airsoft... "Matt is in the studio today showing off a hot new offering from ASG AND Wolverine Airsoft: The CZ EVO Scorpion powered by the Inferno Gen 2 HPA drop in unit! Having the Inferno Gen II factory installed by ASG means that you are literally buying a plug and play rifle, all you need is a tank, line and regulator and you're good to go!"