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PTS Mega Arms Wedge Lock Rail Review

Jonathan Higgs does an install and review of the PTS Mega Arms Wedge Lock Rail for this Airsoftology video. The rail is a 14-inch handguard that is sleek and is MLOK compatible. The Wedge Lock means it is comprised of two wedge-shaped planes that push against each other when tightening the screw and this creating a rigid mount between the rail and receiver.

Airsoftology Q&A With Marck & Max

Jonathan Higgs of Airsoftology went to Hong Kong to make a pilgrimage to the airsoft mecca and for his Q&A outside of the States, he does the episode with RedWolf Airsoft's Marck West and Max Gambit. Read the list of questions he tackles with the two below, with the first question something that everyone would want to answer.

Tippmann Mail Call:

"Convincing Parents To Get You An Airsoft Gun?"

The usual problems of airsoft players who still depend on their parents for whatever purchases they make, how to convince them to buy an airsoft gun. Airsoftology's Jonathan Higgs talks about this and more topics such as upgrades and airsoft batteries for his Q&A Mondays:

Airsoftology: Best Beginner Airsoft Tactics?

Is there such a thing as beginner tactics in airsoft? Jonathan Higgs of Airsoftology talks about this and more topics such as ammo for the Tornado Impact Grenade, Lipoly batteries, and the Code Red Headsets Video of the Week. The list of topics below as part of the Tippmann Mail Call Questions:

"Should You HPA Tap Your Airsoft Gun?"

Airsoftology's Q&A Mondays go into the topic HPA tapping, which is basically converting your GBB magazine to use HPA via tethered tank. We see this done by airsoft shooters practicing their accuracy at a range, mostly practial shooters, as it is cheaper than using gas. More topics for this video below:

"Tippmann Mail Call

Airsoftology: Classic Army M24 LTR Review

Is there a difference between the old and well received Classic Army M24 Sniper Rifle and this new Classic Army M24 LTR? Find out in this video review by Airsoftology... "Remember the original Classic Army M24?  Yeah... we do too.  Well,  the M24 LTR isn't even the same rifle, and Jonathan covers all of the changes to this VSR-10 compatible rifle to show you what's changed and if it's worth the budget price point."

Airsoftology: G&G PDW15 CQB AEG Review

Will the G&G PDW15 CQB AEG take the "Honey Badger" Crown from Amoeba? Find out in this video review by Airsoftology... "We're reviewing the G&G PDW15 CQB to see if this Honey Badger airsoft rifle addresses the bigger issues with PDW style airsoft guns, and can take the crown as the true 'Badger' champion."

Airsoftology On Amoeba Striker AS01

You have heard from Airsoft GI about the Amoeba Striker AS01 Sniper Rifle and why U.S. airsoft players should wait a bit more; and now here is Airsoftology putting out video supporting this... "The Ares Striker Sniper Rifle is a big change for airsoft sharpshooters, and overall it's a solid airsoft gun... but if you live in the US, you may want to wait a few months to get one. And Jonathan explains why."

"The Best Underrated Airsoft Gun?"

Interesting topic that Jonathan Higgs touches on for this episode of Airsoftology Q&A Mondays and probably you are already thinking which is what you think the best underrated airsoft gun even before you click on the play button. For the list of topics for this video, see below:

"Drinking Alcohol At An Airsoft Game?!"

A topic that should be discussed often is about alcohol in airsoft games. Many of us enjoy our beer, a shot, or a wine, but common sense dictates that if a player is inebriated, an airsoft game organiser should prevent him/her from playing as he/she will pose a danger to self and other airsoft players. Airsoftology's Jonathan Higgs talks abut this and more in this episode of Airsoftology Q&A Mondays.