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Airsoftology: Op. Jackal 2 Loadout

Jonathan Higgs of Airsoftology joined the Green side of Operation Jackal 2 hosted by JTAC Airsoft and Milsim which took place last 20-21 May 2017 at the Peaceful Valley Scout Ranch in Elbert, Colorado. In this video, he shows the loadout that he put together. Now guess which did he fought for, the Republic or the Secessionists?

Airsoftology: Worst Airsoft Ref Ever?

Airsoftology's Q&A Monday episode starts with Jonathan Higgs introducing his guest, Dave of House Gamers, who dropped by from Canada. They talk about airsoft referees, selling used airsoft guns and if Jonathan ever shaved his beard. It's not a long watch, being an almost 14-minute episode of airsoft topics and more.

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Airsoftology: "A Perfect Marui Clone?!"

We'll be hearing more about the JAG Arms Scattegun airsoft shotgun series as this is available at some airsoft retailers. Jonathan Higgs of Airsoftology gets his hands on one of the units to give his thoughts if this is the "Perfect Marui Clone" as this looks to be based on the Tokyo Marui Gas Shotgun technology which sets the standard in accuracy and range.

Airsoftology: KRISS Vector AEG Takedown

Looking for more takedown videos of the newly released Krytac KRISS Vector AEG? Here is another video and it is from Airsoftology this time and learn more about its gearbox... "Jonathan goes hands on and does a full teardown / disassembly of the Kriss Vector AEG by Krytac so you don't have to."

Airsoftology: Rock Quarry Battle Loadout

Find out what Jonathan Higgs of Airsoftology put together for his loadout for the G&G Day Rock Quary Battle that took place at The Rock Airsoft in this video... "Huge thanks to G&G Armament and 101 Tech USA for making this game possible at The Rock Airsoft."

Airsoftology: ICS BLE XAE GBB Pistol

Airsoftology's Jonathan Higgs continues his video giving us an inside look of the ICS Airsoft factory in Taiwan. For this episode, he takes a first look on the ICS Black Leopard Eye XAE Gas Blowback Pistol, the latest version in the BLE airsoft pistol series from the company and it's fresh off the factory floor.

Airsoftology: KRISS Vector AEG Review

For those who have placed their pre-orders for the Krytac KRISS Vector AEG, your patience will soon be rewarded as the release of the AEG is imminent. Airsoft celebrities on YouTube are now putting out their reviews on the AEG and here is Jonatha Higgs of Airsoftology putting his own review on this AEG.

Airsoftology: ICS Airsoft Factory Tour

Get inside the factory of ICS Airsoft in Taiwan in this video by Airsoftology. You'll get to see that is a big building when an aerial shot was taken at the beginning of the video which Jonathan Higgs confirms. As for its location in Taiwan, it is in Taichung City, which is south of Taipei, and the western part of the island.

"The Worst Airsoft Injury I've Seen Yet"

Is there an injury you have seen in airsoft that's really bad that you'd rather not talk about it? In this episode of Airsoftology's Q&A Mondays, Jonathan Higgs talks about what is the worst injury he had seen yet plus other topics such as gas blowbacks and downgrading an AEG power.

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Lancer Tactical Advanced Recon Carbine Review

Jonathan Higgs of Airsoftology reviews the Lancer Tactical Advanced Recon Carbine (ARC) AEG. Part of the "Elite" line from Lancer Tactical, this is an AEG that is made by Lonex for Lancer Tactical. A full metal AEG, it has a rail system to attach weapon accessories and the battery is housed in the stock.