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Airsoft Mike

Airsoft Mike: GBLS DAS M4A1 Unboxing

Airsoft Mike himself receives a review unit of the GBLS DAS M4A1, a premium AEG that is said to be the most realistic AEG when compared to the real steel M4A1. This is the first part of his review... "The $2,500.00 (USD) GBLS DAS LIMITED EDITION M4A1 Blowback AEG.. Possibly a game changer in the Airsoft world! Join me as I unbox and assemble the most expensive AEG I have ever seen and held!

Airsoft Mike: CAAAD Roni Conversion Kit

Airsoft Mike tackles conversion kits for his video review and he goes over of the CAA Airsoft Division Roni Carbine Conversion Kit for airsoft pistols... "The Roni conversion kit, in my opinion, looks cool and if used with a full auto Airsoft pistol, can improve stability accuracy! Other than that, this bit of kit wins me over on just looks and the 'tacticoolness' of it! Join me as I unbox and test!"

AWT G4 Helmet Extreme Test Part 2

Part 2 of the review of the AWT G4 Helmet by Airsoft Mike where he subjects it to some impact test... "So here we are again with this fantastic full face/head protection helmet. I needed to do this video to see if the lens would withstand a more powerful Airsoft gun or guns! Watch and see! I also address the "Can you still look down sights with this helmet on" question!"

Airsoft Mike On Airsoft Battle Belts

Check out this video by Airsoft Mike as he looks into some belts for his new loadout... "As I continue to experiment with a new loadout, namely.. AIRSOFT MIKE 4.0, this week i'm in the market for a battle belt! This is just is just a quick update on my progress so far, but by no means my final choice.

Belts featured:

Airsoft Mike's Airsoft Gun Wall Update

So what has Airsoft Mike added to this airsoft collection? Watch him show his gun wall and all the guns he added for 2016... "The Airsoft Mike Airsoft Gun Wall and Airsoft Armory / Armoury update 2016! Join me as I take you through the latest ever growing Airsoft collection!

You will find individual separate Airsoft Mike video reviews, on this channel, on most items featured!"

Airsoft Mike: AWT G4 Helmet Review

A full head protection for the airsoft player, turning you into somebody who came in the future, the Armor Warrior Tactical G4 Protection Helmet, gets reviewed by Airsoft Mike. This product comes with lens, rails, mount and mandile protection, and mesh areas for ventilation.

Airsoft Mike: TMC TF3 Airsoft Vest

Airsoft Mike checks out a Transformers 3 Vest replica made under the TMC brand... "The awesome TMC TF3 Body Armor vest compliments any loadout, especially if you love that tacticool black look. Based on the body armor as seen in Transformers 3, Batman vs Superman, Agents of Shield, Arrow Deadshot and more!"

Airsoft Mike: Show Guns 20mm Launcher

Airsoft Mike gets first dibs at the newly released Show Guns Tactical 20mm Grenade Launcher and here is his video review... "In this video, I get my hands on the all new Show Guns Airsoft Tactical 20mm Grenade Launcher! The Airsoft gas grenade mini launcher that fits on your Airsoft pistol and more!"

Airsoft Mike: AW Star Wars-Style M712 GBB

We get a closer look at the DL-44 blaster in the form of the Armorer Works M712 Star Wars-Style GBB Pistol as shown in this video by Airsoft Mike... "Here I showcase the limited edition, hand made Armorer Works M712 Star Wars style Airsoft pistol, as used by Han Solo! Huge thanks to J.K.ARMY for sending this to me to unbox and review!"

Airsoft Mike: Marui Hi-Capa 5.1 Gold Match

The Gold Match version of the most customised airsoft pistol of them all, the Tokyo Marui Hi-Capa 5.1 Gold Match GBB is finally reviewed by Airsoft Mike... "Well I finally have the Tokyo Marui Hi-Capa 5.1 Gold Match Pistol in my hands! Join me as I test this lil beauty and to see what all the fuss is about! Allegedly, the Rolls Royce of Hi-Capa Airsoft pistols!"