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0'20 Magazine

0'20 Magazine: VFC's New Showroom

0'20 Magazine Taiwan posted photos of the new showroom of Vega Force Company (VFC). At first glance, you might be thinking it must be the bridge of Star Trek Enterprise looking futuristic and laser blasters are what is lacking on the gun walls. Must see place if you will be in Taiwan for some airsoft tourism thingy.

Click here to see more photos.

Emerson Gear Assault Plate Carrier Review

0'20 Magazine has another video review and they cover the Emerson Gear Assault Plate Carrier this time. This Plate Carrier is made of 1000D Nylon and it is one-size vest that can fit most bodies with the size adjustable with the velcro straps. With a velcro base, it is easy to attach patches and you can insert dummy armour plates in the front and back.

0'20 Magazine: SRC's "Snake" Airsoft Rifles

It looks like the trend now for Taiwan-based airsoft manufacturers is to make their KeyMod handguards with animal profile like VFC's Avalon Leopard. In this video, 0'20 Magazine shows the "Snake" AEG from Star Rainbow Company (SRC), which is already over a year in existence now. We just wonder what animals or reptiles will G&G, King Arms, and ICS call their next AEGs? Anyway, watch the 0'20 Magazine video below:

0'20 Magazine's ICS CXP-M.A.R.S. Review

Up next to review the new ICS Airsoft CXP-M.A.R.S. or the Modern Assault Rifle System is 0'20 Magazine. This has a unique handguard with the frontend that reminds you of the LVOA Wirecutter. Just like the recent releases of ICS Airsoft for the CXP line, this users the ICS Transform4 electric blowback technology. Turn on the language caption of your player to follow this video review.

0'20 Magazine N11 Issue Now Available

The latest issue of the 0'20 Magazine is now available online and offline. The N11 Isssue covers a good number of topics with reviews and stories of the latest airsoft guns and gear such as the APS PER or Phantom Extremis, LCT RPD, Jay Design, Secutor Velites Shotguns, and more. This is available in the Spanish, French, and English languages.

0'20 Mag: Evolution Airsoft Guns & Cerakote

0'20 Magazine got this video showing Cerakoted Airsoft guns on display at the Evolution Airsoft during the IWA Outdoor Classics 2017 in Nuremberg, Germany last month. We see some of the AEGs under the Dynamic Tactical brand as well as the Lone Star Series from Evolution Airsoft.

0'20 Magazine On The ICS CXP M.A.R.S.

0'20 Magazine got some units of the upcoming ICS CXP-M.A.R.S. (Modern Assault Rifle System) which is the latest in the Transform4 tech from ICS Airsoft for this video overview... "Does anybody know this handguard for airsoft? It is the MARS from ICS. We gave the airsoft rifle to a player and this is his experience."

0'20 Magazine N10 Issue Now Available

0'20 Magazine are proud to announce that Issue No. 10 is now available online on your mobile, PC, and even print... "In more than 140 airsoft shops, you can find FOR FREE the N10 of 0’20 Magazine. Ask directly if they have it! But run, it is free and the exemplars are not unlimited. :-P You can find it in:

0'20 TV: KJ Works CZ75 SP-01 Shadow

0'20 TV has a video of the KJ Works CZ75 SP01 Shadow airsoft pistol. Fully licensed via ASG, 0'20 TX explains that the Czech company designed and produced this pistol for special units and with its extraordinary accuracy, high stability, and rapid firing has gained a following amongst IPSC shooters.

BO MTO Phantom: The Magnetic Airsoft Rifle

Be prepared to be curious about this Magnetic Airsoft Rifle from BO Manuacture called the BO MTO Phantom with 0'20 TV reporting... "This is just unbelievable, a true revolution in the airsoft industry. BO Manufacture invented the ultimate airsoft system, it is based on a magnetic source of energy, no more gears, no more motors, no more failures after a few thousand rounds, BO Manufacture guarantee 1 million rounds. The battery will last one week.