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Face Off --- Cyma 035 Vs. Boyi Kalash RK01

Editor's Note: ­FilAK Airsoft, a Philippine-based airsoft community devoted to the use of Kalashnikov airsoft replicas presents to you their review and comparison of two of the recently released AK clones --- the CYMA 035 and the Kalash (DBoys/BOYI) RK01.  Previously, AKS kits were expensive to acquire, and with the release of two low-cost ACMs, have made collecting for avid AK lovers more affordable.  This review is very comprehensive and loaded with pictures.

RATRATAN 2007 Is Now On!

MANILA, HERE WE COME!!! We'll be in town in December 2007 to cover further the Philippine airsoft scene as it is one of the most colourful and competitive airsoft scenes in the airsoft world. We are looking forward to spending the long Christmas holidays there (yes! It's the longest in the world as far as we know), so we might as well organise something for the Philippine airsofters. 

Interview: Tracerr Magazine's Daniel Romney

Tracerr Magazine, the latest airsoft e-zine to hit the web for the airsoft community, will be launching its maiden issue today, 31 October 2007. The first issue covers the TSI Armories Galil replicas, Modify Gear Set, and much more. The Magazine is a free e-zine which you can receive as long as you subscribe at their website, or if you want a print version, they can print out a copy for you for a fee.

RedWolf Review: VFC MK16 Mod0 SCAR-L

The latest feature review, courtesy of RedWolf Airsoft. This covers  the latest FN SCAR-L offering in the market, the VFC MK16 Mod0 SCAR-L which they have this verdict..."Overall we think this is the best SCAR-L replica on the market at the moment. Both the detailing of the AEG itself, as well as the quality and the amount of accessories make this a high value model. Take-down is realistic, each step is just like on the real one!" But that is cutting the story short.

Readings on Guerilla Warfare

Serious military readers, political scientist, and military historians always consider the War of the Flea as the most important war since it became the primary  form of warfare from the second half of the 20th Century until now. This means that most of the wars being fought around the world are small scale ones, with conventional warfare (armies vs armies) always avoided through diplomacy and tightened economic interdependencies among nation-states. The War of the Flea, in a nutshell, is guerilla warfare.

WebSighting: TEAM URNA

While browsing around in search of airsoft information while killing time, I stumbled upon the website of Team URNA, who are based in the Czech Republic. While expecting to be a mainly Czech language site, I was surprised also that it has a nicely written English version. Going through the pages, I was impressed, and I thought it deserves to be mentioned as it is a very much unique group.

2007 Online Airsoft Retailer Satisfaction Survey Initial Report

The 2007 Online Retailer Satisfaction Survey was conducted last 2nd week of September to the 1st week of October 2007, tapping the global airsoft community on what they think of their online retailers, and find out their issues and problems, and also for online airsoft retailers to know how to improve their services. We thank all of those who have taken their time and participated in this survey as all their inputs have been very much valuable. As for online airsoft retailers, it is also high time to invest further in their websites.


We're Baaaaaaack!!!

Here we go again.... Welcome to Popular Airsoft (Again)! It's been more than a week since the site went down due to some snafu that happened to our site, which we can now tell that the problem was not really the way we run our website, or how we maintain our own dedicated server. It was a problem that our hosting provider had brought upon themselves, and affected our service which should not have happened in the first place. This caused us a lot of inconvenience to our schedules and to our valuable readers.


Advisory: Regular Publishing Resumes on 17 October 2007

This is our final update on migrating our site to our new hosting provider. We all thank you for your patience waiting for us. Just a little bit over 24 hours of waiting more and we'll be back posting all the latest news and features that you want to read. We are just making the final adjustments and ensuring that all files and content that have been made for this site will appear properly on Wednesday.

RedWolf Airsoft Review: Real Sword Type 56

Due to the political circumstances and events after the second world war, the Soviet Union and People's Republic of China were friendly neighbours to each other. A lot of technological advancements from the former were adopted in China, most notably (from the viewpoint of this article), the Kalashnikov AK-47.